College Football Power Rankings: September 16th

Mark ScacewaterAnalyst ISeptember 16, 2007

After watching several games this weekend, it has become obvious that some teams are simply better than the rest of the country, and while this top 15 may be a bit controversial, it will become clearer in the upcoming weeks.


1. Southern Cal - The Trojans looked absolutely unstoppable against Nebraska Saturday night, and we only got a glimpse of the passing game. The Trojans will face some tough competition in just a few weeks (Cal, Oregon). For now, they are a clear-cut number 1.

2. Florida - As much as I hate the Gators, they have looked pretty good every time they take the field and Tebow has a dynamite arm. Gators will truly be tested when they play LSU. When it was 28-20 and Tennessee had the ball, it looked like we had a game. However the ensuing fumble by Arian Foster sealed the deal for the Gators.

Icon3. LSU - The Tigers defeated an overranked Va Tech squad, but there is no denying their talent. LSU has the means to make a run at a national title, if it can get by Florida. Flynn has looked capable at QB, and the defense is doing a solid job. LSU will get to a BCS bowl, win or lose against Florida

4. Oklahoma- The Sooners are blowing out teams right and left and the key numbers I keep seeing are their opponents final score. OU looks impressive, even if it is beating Utah State. Their win over Miami speaks for itself.

5. California- The Golden Bears are an athletic squad that looked good in the opening week against Tennessee and I think they are underappreciated nationally. They travel to Eugene in 2 weeks for a major match-up with Oregon.

Icon6. Oregon- Anytime you put up 35 points before the fans have blinked, as was the case yesterday in Eugene, you have to take notice. Fresno State is not a Pac-10 power or even a good team this year, but the Ducks have absolutely slaughtered Michigan and Fresno St. now. Dennis Dixon is a Heisman candidate, Jonathan Stewart is rumbling like Larry Johnson, and Oregon's defense (for once) is playing great football. Oregon plays Cal, Washington and USC in the next 2 months, which will flesh out the pretenders from the contenders. I could see Oregon running the table with all their offensive weapon this season.

7. West Virginia- The Mountaineers have 2 of the best players in the nation in Pat White and Steve Slaton, but they haven't been truly tested just yet.

8. Kentucky- Controversially I am putting the Wildcats in my top 10. This is probably temporary but after their win over Louisville, and the fact that Andre Woodson is a legit NFL QB, maybe the Wildcats string together a 10-1 season.

9. Penn State- The jury is still out on the Nittany Lions, but they are undefeated with a seasoned team.

10. Ohio State- They did pull out a nice win over Washington, but their offense could be a hindrance down the road this season.

11. Wisconsin- I believe all 3 Big 10 teams are interchangeable at this point, but after watching the Badgers struggle against the Citadel, I have to put them outside of the top 10.

Icon12. Texas- Mack Brown won't be winning a national title this season, but Texas is undefeated. To say they have looked unimpressive is an understatement of epic proportions after they barely get by UCF and Arkansas State.

13. Boston College- Matt Ryan has ACC player of the year written all over him this season and BC shut down a good Georgia Tech team Saturday night. As long as BC continues to win, they will steadily rise in the rankings. Major tests loom as they have to face Florida State, Clemson and Virginia Tech. However, there is a very real possibility BC can go undefeated, but lack of schedule strength could be a problem in the final BCS rankings.

14. Rutgers- The Scarlet Knights looked awesome playing Norfolk Community College for Women yesterday.

Icon15. Alabama- While I think they got a few iffy calls late in the Arkansas game, Nick Saban has the Tide playing good and scoring points, something they couldn't do last season.