The German GP Trials and Tribulations Of a Mark Webber Fan

Mike WilkinsCorrespondent IJuly 13, 2009

NURBURG, GERMANY - JULY 12:  Mark Webber of Australia and Red Bull Racing celebrates with team mates in the paddock after winning the German Formula One Grand Prix at Nurburgring on July 12, 2009 in Nurburg, Germany.  (Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images)


Sneakily log onto the BBC website at work and minimize, waiting for the interactive to come on for 1st practice.

1st Practice. Excellent start. Fastest. Admit to self that it means nothing as yet but all in all quite satisfying. Pretend to do work whilst flicking between Germany and an accounts screen on windows. I'm becoming rather proficient at it now :o)

2nd Practice. Still ok. Less time to sneak a look, but ends up 4th fastest. Not too bad but admit to being slightly disappointed. Lol! I love it. Being disappointed with Mark in 4th. How times have changed.

Fed up with all the previews on the net and mags saying this is last chance to prove it before team orders come in. Also fed up with people saying this could be his weekend. I hate tempting providence you see.


Work always busy Saturday morning, so miss final pratice. Argh. A few quicker drivers, but who knows what fuel is on board. Hmmm Hammy is up there.

Right. This is it. Qualifying. Make sure that there are no customers about, make sure that my Sales Team have no appointments. NO! Charlie has booked one for 1.30. How inconsiderate can you get?

Qually starts. Q1 nice and easy run, leaves it a bit late but no sweat. Q2. Oh my. Rain. Dry. Both. Mark stays out on dries. What!! Come on Webbo. Don't spin it now! Heart thumping. Phew. Into the pits. inters on. Back out. Purple sectors. Safe. Now relax Mike.

Q3. I can't watch. Customer arrives and leaves. Thank god for that. My cohort David suggests we sneak to watch the TV for the last session. Oh, look he's fastest. Vettel and Button behind him though. From behind a newspaper I sneak a look.. Both slower! YESSSSSSSS  POLE !!!!!!!! The desk I'm sitting at barely survives my fist bashing and hollers!!


Now this is getting unbearable.

The press are all, 'Webber should win' this and 'Webber should win' that, and it's driving me to distraction. Can they all please SHUT UP! it's driving me crazy. STOP saying he's gonna win!

Ok. Formation lap. GEt it away Webbo, don't stall it.. Phew ok, he's off...

The start .... Oh my. 'Slight bump' into Rubens. 2nd place. That's perfect. More fuel and still faster. Lovely Jubbly.

Noooooooo! What's this? Are they Blind? Penalty? NOOOOOOOO!! This is just soooo typical.

Ok get in, drive through, back out. Settle down. No finger nails left.

Nice. He's back in 1st and pounding out fast laps. In the bag?

What's this now? Clouds. Big and Black and threatening. Surely this can't be happening. I can't take it anymore. Off goes the radio and the TV.

This is just too much. Back on goes the TV. 10 laps to go. Rain rain go away, come back another day... PLEASE!

Pacing round the room now, counting down the laps. Come on come on. Last lap. Easy does it. Last corner. Chequered flag!

BEDLAM. Screams. Runs round room. Rings everybody and anybody ... more screaming down phones... Mark don't jump out of the car like that! You'll hurt your leg! Mark don't jump on the podium like that, you'll hurt your leg!!

And... collapse into the chair. Giggling. Smiling. Ahhhhhhhhh. 10 years of following Mark. All the lows... the relative highs.. the luck... the unlucky breaks... the leg break.. 10 years of supporting Mark Webber. It's all come good.

Mark Webber. Grand Prix Winner.