Michael Jordan Answers ALS Ice Bucket Challenge from Derek Jeter and Other Stars

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterAugust 20, 2014


At long last, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has reached the pinnacle of the sporting world.

Chicago Bulls legend and Charlotte Hornets owner Michael Jordan took the plunge Wednesday morning, answering challenges from David Beckham, Ray Allen and Derek Jeter.

Barstool Sports’ Matt Milmore uploaded video of the dousing to YouTube.

Jordan handles the ice water with aplomb, or at least we assume so. The criminally vertical video cuts off in mid-bucketing, and I like to think it was to save millions of Jordan fans from witnessing their childhood hero squeal like a kid on a haunted hayride. Jordan Brand athletic gear or not, His Airness put a lot of ice in that water—and ice is cold, yo.

Also, it wouldn’t be a retired Jordan moment without the real and immediate threat of golf breaking out at any moment. Check out the clubs and cart in the back. Jordan managed to get his bucketing in before what we can only presume to be his average 36-hole Wednesday.

Next up to ice themselves are New York Knicks team president Phil Jackson and Jordan’s Dream Team teammates. You heard Jordan: cash and ice bucket. No excuses, Christian Laettner.


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