MLB Rumor Wire: Juan Uribe Heading Out, Josh Fogg Heading In?

Andrew KneelandSenior Writer IMay 6, 2008

The baseball season is well under way, and surprises are abundant. One of the most unexpected and surprising things in baseball are trades. Let's dive in to the latest batch of rumors coming out of the MLB.


Juan Uribe 

Things are not going well for the Chicago White Sox, and they have told the Chicago Sun Times that a big shake-up is about to take place.

This change could involve a few players being released, possibly including Juan Uribe.

Uribe's backup is currently Alexei Ramirez, and the Sox aren't exactly thrilled to hand him the starting job at second base. However, Uribe is making $4.5 million this year, and Chicago has wanted to get rid of him for a while.

They placed him on the waivers in March, but no team was interested in his lofty salary and questionable defense.

The Baltimore Orioles showed some interest in Uribe last winter, and may be the landing spot for Uribe if a trade happens.


Derrick Turnbow 

This Brewers reliever is drawing some interest from the New York Mets, according to Newsday.

The most the Mets would be willing to offer Turnbow is a minor league contract, and it seems the only thing holding this transaction up is the question of whether or not Turnbow would agree to such a deal.


Rafael Furcal 

Despite saying that he didn't want to deal with the Dodgers earlier this season, Furcal has changed his mind and is open to any Los Angeles offer.

Dodger GM Ned Colletti said that he wants very much to sit down with Furcal and his agent as soon as possible to hammer something out.

Furcal also said that he would be willing to offer a hometown discount to the Dodgers, but hasn't talked to his agent about it yet.


Josh Fogg

The Colorado Rockies are in need of a steady pitcher to fill their fifth rotation slot, and have expressed interest in Cincinnati Reds pitcher Josh Fogg.

There are rumors that Fogg would be released if Homer Bailey is called up from the minors, so Colorado is hesitant to offer too much in any trade.

Other names the Rockies are looking at include: Boston's Julian Taverez, Oakland's Rich Harden and Joe Blanton, and Texas' Kevin Millwood.