Tate Forcier: The Next Overhyped Forcier?

Matt JCorrespondent IJuly 12, 2009

Two Forciers down, possibly another to go? I sure hope not but this is not the first go around with a Forcier on the University of Michigan campus and the third in the college level.

How many people have heard of Jason Forcier?

Well I have and I remember when he was coming in, just as hyped up and almost as sought after as his brother Tate. Jason was the No. 8 overall quarterback in the recruiting class of 2005 and a four-star recruit.

How many people have heard of Chris Forcier?

Another of Tate's brothers he was ranked No. 19. Tate is the No. 15 overall quarterback of this recruiting class and he's also a four-star recruit. Forcier's dad was also a quarterback who was always a back-up throughout his career. 

A quote from Jason from 2005: "I have great speed and I'm real versatile. I'm a dual-threat QB and make things happen on the field. I'm great in a big-game situation. I love to take charge."

Sounds kind of like someone else we know doesn't it? 

The first problem I have is the Forcier's brothers knack for transferring. First the dad transferred to move to a bigger college (where he was just a second string, decent signal caller), then Chris transferred from UCLA after backing up so far throughout his career, and Jason transferred to Stanford after being at Michigan and was never more than a decent back-up.

Tate will be the first Forcier ever in his family though to get a chance to start from the beginning. But is it possible he'll just follow there foot steps and never be anything more than a good back-up? 

I think not and here's the main reason why: He'll be in a spread offense and be part of a great system and coaching.

Tate's dad has been quoted as saying, "Tate may be the most talented Forcier of them all."

Chris was recruited to play in the spread but then UCLA got a new coach and moved to a more pro style offense which Chris could never learn.

Jason was bigger than both his brothers at 205 (both other brothers are around 185) but he was just as quick as Tate and was more suited for the spread offense. Unfortunately though he was on a Michigan team that at the time was still under the direction of Lloyd Carr.

I have a feeling though this might be the first Forcier to have great success at the collegiate level, but who's to say he won't follow his brothers footsteps? Lucky for us we will have Denard Robinson, so if Tate only turns out to be a decent back-up at least he will contribute a little. 

With the system and coaching of Rich Rodriguez though, Tate shouldn't have too hard a time becoming an all-star. Rodriguez has made worse recruits like Pat White great, so I don't think it will be that hard of a task for him. 

The very good news is the brothers all may be together sometime soon, playing for U of M. Chris is transferring to Furman, but there is always a chance they could get him to transfer to Michigan and he has three years of eligibility left. Jason has graduated from Stanford and has one year of eligibility left and he is trying to get the NCAA to allow him to transfer and play. He would somehow have to get around the sitting out rule though. 

Having his brothers there would definitely help Tate in my opinion. So I wouldn't mind bringing Jason back and maybe Chris in for a year. Jason could be a great helper at QB and could possibly play some QB with his huge size.