B/R Pro Wrestling Section Awards Results

Svyato Rovenchuk@TorontosClassicSenior Writer IJuly 12, 2009

Hey, everyone! These are the results to what you voted for the B/R Pro Wrestling Section Awards.


Top Writer

Winner: Shane Howard

Runner Up: Jason Le Blanc

This was a highly contested section. In the end, one vote decided it all. That's right, if it wasn't for one vote, JLB and Shane would've tied. Looks like the Community Leaders rule this section.


Best Editor

Winner: Jeff Gorman

Runner Ups: Tim and Ray

This was one of the very one-sided sections. Jeff Gorman picked up the win with over 15 votes! The second place had a tie of 2 votes between Ray and Tim. Good show, guys.


Most Popular

Winner: Shane Howard

Runner Up: Sulayman

This was another one-sided section. Shane picked up almost every vote! Only a few people voted for a man who is not Shane. Sulayman picked up second place with two votes. Congrats, Shane!


Underrated Top Writer

Winner: Ross

Runner Up: Svyato Rovenchuk

It wasn't that close, but it wasn't a blowout. Ross picked up a lot of votes, but Ryan and I also got a good number of votes. Fortunately, the public pushed me over Ryan Michael for the Runner Up. Congrats to Ross! He really deserved it!


Writer On The Rise

Winner: Matthew Hester

Runner Up: Scott Beeby

This was probably one of the most exciting sections to watch. Just as it look like one of them was starting to pull away from the other, they caught right back up. In the end, Matthew got two more votes to give him the win!



Winner: Shane Howard

Runner Up: Jason Le Blanc

This section was kind of like the underrated section. Despite Shane getting the win, JLB got his fair share of votes. In my opinion, both these guys are hilarious and should be tied, but the public pulled Shane over you JLB, sorry.



Winner: Jev Thorpe

Runner Ups: Christi Lott, Sulayman, and M

This was another one of those exciting section. Despite Jev pulling away the contest for second was thrilling. Christi, Sulayman, and M all got enough votes to tie for second. I recounted this numerous times because I couldn't believe it. Good showing, guys!


Most Arrogant

Winner: Joe Burgett

Runner Up: Ray Bogusz

Yet another very close section. Just like the top writer section, this was decided by one vote. Joe at first was pulling away, but then Ray caught up. Even though this isn't exactly a section to be proud of...congrats, guys.


Best Newcomer

Winner: Elisa Taylor

Runner Up: Kendrick Davis

Three votes is what separated these two from number one. Kendrick had a few times where he caught up, but in the end Elisa got more. Congrats, guys and you are both great newcomers!


Coolest Nickname

Winner: Numero Uno (Joe Burgett)

Runner Up: Captain Charisma

Big blowout here. Joe started big and finished big. I was kinda surprised Sugar Shane didn't show up here. Oh well. Congrats Joe, people like your nickname (laugh).


All-Time Best

Winner: Ron Johnson

Runner Up: Joe Burgett

This was a very exciting section. At one point, Shane was first. Then Joe Burgett got the nod. In the end though, you the B/R public put Ron Johnson in the driver's seat and kept him there. Important Note: Ron won the award by one point and Joe took runner up by one point. So it was VERY close!


Best Series

Winner (Tie): Joe's 411(Joe Burgett) & B/R Turns Into The WWE (Svyato Rovenchuk, DJ Rallo, Celeste Winchester, Jordan Robinson, Wyatt Beltz)

This was our only tie in the awards. Joe Burgett's 411 kept the lead until the end when Benjamin David helped our series tie for first place.

So thank you for that, Benjamin. Also I would like to send out my apologies to Ron Johnson for forgetting his "Evolution of a Superstar" series. It was an amazing series.


Closing Segment

Congratulations to Shane Howard for basically dominating the awards! And congrats for everyone who got nominated. And shout out to everyone in the Pro Wrestling Section because you are all AWESOME! Pro Wrestling Section pwns! :)

Svyato out!