Laker For Life: Kobe Bryant Finally Named MVP

Jose GonzalezCorrespondent IMay 6, 2008

Rocky Widner/NBAE/Getty Images

    The press conference started a few minutes later than scheduled. The wait was worth it. Stu Lance told that Kobe or as he said "the best player right now", Phil Jackson and the sponsor from KIA.

Phil Jackson address Kobe Bryant as one the best players he has ever seen. That the dedication and passion that Kobe Bryant put on the court made an excellent player and that the award was well-deserved. Then, you had the sponsor talk about how the connection between his company and the NBA etc, etc....finally, the presentation. The room was filled with excitement , the sponsor talked a bit more and then presented Kobe with the award as he said "finally" with the MVP award. A lot of pictures were taken as Kobe with a smile that he could contain held the award.

First of all, Kobe thanked his family for always supporting him ,helping him while he was training and playing through out all the seasons. He thanked Jerry West for bringing him into the league. One great Laker to another great Laker, you gotta love it. And last but not least, his teammates, who as Kobe said help him win this award. That they helped him by training on the off-season by become better and stated that this was team. Kobe made a great statement towards his team when he said "We won MVP".

The press conference continued, Kobe was asked how he felt. To the surprise of many Kobe said he was "nervous", but most of all he was honored and extremely happy, as if you couldn't tell by just looking at his face. He also told what everybody knows, Mitch Kupchack was a genius by making the Pau Gasol trade and the he also made good drafts. Kobe play with the media, as he told them that this was a team award that is not single man achievements, if not as he said he would have won it when he was averaging forty. Laughs were all over the place, Kobe cracked up as teammate Luke Walton took the mic. Walton asked since Kobe said that this was a team award that if he  his teammates were going to be treated to any kind of gift from him. Th whole crowd laugh and Kobe laugh as he said "what happen to the ol' hand-shake or to the 'atta boy", but then he said "you know I will".  After that there were a lot good question but there only two that will be remembered in history.

Not in order but the first one was "How disappointed would have you been if you didn't win this award?". He said that he wouldn't have been. Not disrespect toward the award but after being skipped for so many years he made up his mind that he might never win the prized award. Another question that I just to attach to this one was "Where did this award ranked among all others? People applaud as he said this "There's nothing like winning a championship". It kinda makes you wonder how the playoffs are going to be turn out.

The second question, and probably the one that fill my heart with excitement was "Does this make you want to be a Laker for life", without any hesitation he said "Yes." This has to be one happiest day of my life and of any laker fan. The Lakers are rolling on the Playoffs, Kobe is happy and named MVP, and if the Lakers have great future, you're going to have one if not "the best player" for a long long time.