Transfer Window review: Now That Real Madrid Are Done Who Will Carry On?

Muffakham Shaheriyar@@muffakhamCorrespondent IJuly 12, 2009

MADRID, SPAIN - JULY 06:  A full house awaits the arrival of new Real Madrid player Cristiano Ronaldo at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium on July 6, 2009 in Madrid, Spain.  (Photo by Denis Doyle/Getty Images)

The Transfer Season began in a flurry....Perez came and showed why the world's most clubs fear him. He did in almost two weeks what calderon could not do in his whole presidency, usher Galactico's Part II. 

Now that Real Madrid with record turn overs have got the players they wanted, is the transfer market going to be what te media promised it to be with the cash injected by Madrid and Co and will the cash on to heal parent companies in recession period?

An examination of the window thus far shows that of the big spenders only Real have matched the hype. Rest are in the doldrums.

Lets examine the major players:

Chelsea FC: A team that is for England in the transfer Window what Real is for Spain. Big spenders initially but have disappointed since. Much was expected but little has happened. Kaka and Ribery were expected but even Glen Johnson refused to return to Stamford Bridge. The only major signing was Zhirkov, no one expects any big names now after Pirlo preferred Atletico to Chelsea. Even captain charisma. John Terry is getting fidgety due to the lack of arrivals, will he go to leave for Manchester City?

PS: Ibrahimovich mega bid has been made, let see what Milan says. I dont expect them to accept.

Manchester United: Cristiano Ronaldo gone, Carlos Tevez gone. Arrivals: Antonio Valencia and Michael Owen. A few years back Michael Owen might have been a galactico signing but now its greeted with less excitement. They got £80 Million but have not even replaced Cristiano Ronaldo, ok Antonio Valencia came but where do you expect the goals to come from? Dimitar Berbatov scored less than Raul,  Raul better than Berbatov? are you kiddin me?

'Rooney' you may answer, Man United needs a proven winger but it does not look like one is going to arrive even close to Ronaldo's ability. The transfer window looks bleak for United.

FC Barcelona: Yeah they were expected to challenge Madrid for David Villa (if u could do that with 40m then surely Roman Abramovich or Mark Hughes would be interested?)

Their Transfer spendings depend upon Eto'o's departure, only notable signing has been Keironson if they have made it? i am not so sure.

Arsenal: To be fair have not been a bit harsh mentioning them here
AC Milan: Kaka apparently left Milan to help Milan buy some players but now it looks like he left because he thought 'hey they wont be able to buy even one'. David Beckham can be forgotten. If they don't re-inforce then they can forget winning the Champions League next year . Luis Fabiano is possibly on his way out as we speak.

Real Madrid: Kaka and Cristiano Ronaldo, much has been said. I Dont need to say anything, Real Madrid the big spenders have even have gone silent. Looks like they are almost there.

Juventus: Diego conf, Melo slated, They have done their bit. Others need to catch up.

Bayern Munich: Have been farely active although  mostly about Frank Ribery than their other signings.

Liverpool: They apparently think Glen Johnson is enough.

This means only one Thing.. A recession hit Transfer Window

Man United are not buying and nor are Chelsea but hey there is a star on the Horizon......

Manchester City: All our eyes are now on this club. They have signed Roque Santa Cruz, Gareth Barry and Stuart Taylor but more are on their way. Carlos Tevez has almost signed. John Terry and Joleon Lescott are expected. If not then they may turn to Bruno Alves or Lucio, they even have their sights on Robben. I think this Club will decide the future course, the Citizens of Eastlands are on the march so watch out Old Trafford