Edge: The Golden Wrestler of WWE

Adrian StaehleSenior Analyst IJuly 12, 2009

Edge is the golden wrestler of WWE. Period.

Ric Flair, Stone Cold, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Bruno Sammartino, Lou Thesz, Hulk Hogan, Kurt Angle, Undertaker, and you can add a name to this Hall of Fame list....Edge as being the greatest of all time.

The group above is a selected few who can say they are the greats of all time, and I think Edge is there. A man who 10 years ago was a lackey for the Ministry of Darkness is now on top of his game and on top of the WWE, even the wrestling world.

Edge is at the prime of his career right now, he has been since 2005, but it starts way back in 1999, where he would start on a journey to history.

Edge was in a group known as The Brood, who eventually got together with the Ministry of Darkness, but who would later split away from them. Edge was shining out of the group as he would be to me, watching that would be a big superstar one day.

Edge showed that there were great things to come when he won the Intercontinental Championship against Jeff Jarrett even though he lost it the next night at Fully Loaded.

Edge would win his first Championship that would end up being his first single title of many. He would end with five Intercontinental Championships.

Edge and Christian were becoming a tag team on the rise, ditching the goth gimmick and reeking of awesomeness when they won the WWE Tag Team titles at WrestleMania 2000 (or 16) as that would be their first Tag Team Championships of seven with Christian alone, in the TLC match that is still talked about today.

Edge would shine and steal the show with the spear that was heard around the world on Jeff Hardy off the ladder. They would face the Dudleys and Hardys in a TLC match that they won at SummerSlam 2000 and WrestleMania X7.

"For the benefit of those with flash photography" as they would set up a "five second pose", that the fans would either be insulted or amused by as Edge would show he had a charismatic side to his wrestling skills and that he would shine when the spotlight was on him.

Edge with Christian had solidify themselves as a great tag team as he would do in singles competition winning the King of the Ring in 2001, he would become a fan favorite as of this result.

Christian would turn on Edge and would duke it out for the Intercontinental Championship which was won and lost against him and then lost to Test were he couldn't regain the title.

Edge would win the United States Championship from Kurt Angle and beat Test to unify the Intercontinental and Unites States titles that year as that would be his first and only United States Championship title.

Edge was on a roll that kind of went unnoticed for a while, as he would even go as far as getting a WWE Championship match against what I like to call "The Flop of the WWE" Brock Lesnar but that's for another article for another day.

In 2002, Edge would shine his brightest as he would be on his way to great things as he became a go-to guy in the company without winning a WWE or World Championship.

Edge would win the WWE Tag Team Championships with his idol Hulk Hogan and would also win the titles with Rey Mysterio, as Rey would become a new superstar in the WWE at the time.

As Edge was on his way to the top of the ladder, he would injure his neck. That would keep him out for a year and another additional month due to a broken hand but would make his return and sudden impact when he got drafted to Raw and speared the former GM, Eric Bischoff.

Edge was back in a big way and the Intercontinental Championship would follow as he would beat Randy Orton in what I think is one of the greatest Intercontinental Championship matches in history. Edge would would also win the Tag Team Championships with Chris Benoit that same year.

Edge was moving up fast, beating some of the best the WWE had to offer, he was on his way back to where he was before he got hurt.

He was back on that road to history before he tore his groin in a non-wrestling incident that would keep him out for a while.

Edge would come back with a severe anger management problem, centered around his obsession for the World title, which he would be unable to win.

Edge returned with a purpose at the Royal Rumble but would come up just short of winning, but he would win the Money in the Bank as WrestleMania 21 was dubbed "The Rise of the Rated-R Superstar," he would become the first Mr. Money in the Bank. Edge would hold the briefcase close to WrestleMania before cashing it in at New Years Revolution.

Edge was for the first time a deserving WWE Champion, it was crazy to see his growth from what he was to what he became that very night; it was an awesome thing to see.

Edge would lose the title the next month but would start a rivalry that would all come together in his hometown where he would lose his title in one of the best TLC matches I had every seen.

During that period of that rivalry when he was Champion thanks to his live sex celebration (with Lita) with a awesome rating he would call himself the "Most Watched WWE Champion in Five Years" and also won the WWE title for a second time by pinning RVD.

Rated RKO was born because of Triple H and Shawn Michaels helping Cena retain the title and would join forces to beat DX.

Edge and Randy Orton would become World Tag Team Champions during the time beating the legends of Flair and Piper and would retain them by winning by DQ against DX at New Year's Revolution.

Edge would break his jaw during a Money in the Bank qualfier against RVD but would come up short after he was taken out of the match when Jeff Hardy jumped off the ladder and landed on the one Edge was laying on. Edge would not be Mr. Money in the bank for a second time...or would he?

Edge would beat Mr. Kennedy to win the Money in the Bank briefcase and would cash it that Friday Night on SmackDown right after a Steel Cage match with Batista, a beating by Mark Henry and Edge spearing Undertaker for the 1, 2, 3 and his first World Heavyweight Championship.

Edge would feud with Batista and beating him three straight PPV's and would go on to face Kane but before the show he would tear his pectoral muscle and would be out giving up his title.

He made his return at Survivor Series by helping Batista win against Undertaker that would come full circle with a Triple Threat match against Taker and Batista.

He would win thanks to the help of the Edge Heads (Hawkins and Ryder) and would become a two-time World Champion and would hold his fourth World/WWE title overall.

La Familia was born when Vickie and Edge "relationship" was made public and with Chavo and the Edge Heads together would dominate SmackDown as Rey would be the victim of the family losing at the Royal Rumble and No Way Out.

Edge was undefeated at WrestleMania before losing his record and title to the Undertaker at WrestleMania 24.

Edge would lose to the Undertaker by the choke from Taker but then Taker was stripped due to the violent move he used on Edge.

Edge would face Undertaker at One Night Stand (now Extreme Rules) and "retired" Taker, winning his World title back for a third time and his fifth overall World/WWE title.

Edge would go on Raw a week after the draft and would gloat about the lack of Championships on Raw until Batista came out and unknowingly help CM Punk win the World title.

Edge would feud with the returning Undertaker and Triple H for a few months and would bring the rivalry all the way were he would "be sent to hell" by the Undertaker and wouldn't return until Survivor Series 2008.

He returned in grand fashion and sported a grizzly beard look as he would be inserted into the title match by Vickie and winning the WWE Championship for the third time and holding his sixth overall WWE/World title.

The title reign was short-lived when Jeff Hardy went from stuntman to Champion and Edge would fall as he was the one who got pinned in the match.

At the Royal Rumble he would regain his title and make it seven overall WWE/World and his fourth WWE Championship thanks to help from Matt Hardy unknowingly after a chair shot to Jeff from Matt.

Edge went into the Chamber as the favorite to hold the title to some but would be the first to be elminated, as he would lose the title as Triple H would win the title.

Edge was upset and was lost until later that night were he took out Kofi and inserted himself in the match and would pin the Champion at the time Cena and pinning Rey for his fourth World title and eight overall WWE/World title.

Edge would lose the title at WrestleMania 25 and would not regain the title until Big Show helped him in a Last Man Standing match and making it his fifth time and ninth WWE/World title.

Edge would lose at Extreme Rules and wouldn't regain his title or after CM Punk cashed in won that night and would return with a pin on Jeff the next night in the triple threat match.

Edge complained to Teddy Long about not being a part of the PPV and would be inserted to the Tag Team title match with Chris Jericho, where he would win his 14th Tag Team Championship.

Edge would get hurt at a house show and will be out until the Royal Rumble in 2010 and the question is now how many titles total will he hold before his career is over, as he has won 29 titles.

My guess that he will get to 40, Edge is on top of his game still and I would love him to win the Royal Rumble for the first time and go to WrestleMania as the hunter not the hunted.

Edge has come so far from sitting in a sea of people at WrestleMania VI watching Hogan vs. Warrior to being on top of the wrestling world. Edge is a sure Hall of Famer and will be the head of the class the year he goes in.

Edge's 29 Championships in the WWE

World Heavyweight Championships-5               

WWE Championships-4

WWE Intercontinental Championships-5

WWE United States Championships-1

WWE/World Championships-14 (Christian-7, Benoit-2, Jericho-2, Orton-1, Mysterio-1 and Hogan-1).

Edge is the only wrestler to hold all of the main titles on Raw and SmackDown (WWE, World, United States, Intercontinental and WWE/World Championships).

Edge is the true golden wrestler of the WWE.

B/R Wrestling Community: Is Edge the true golden wrestler of the WWE? and How many Championships will he end his career with?

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