Amar'e Stoudemire Could Be Heading to the Denver Nuggets

Bhavik DarjiCorrespondent IJuly 12, 2009

The Nuggets made a blockbuster about three games into the regular season last year. I sort of expected the same in the offseason. Currently they have not made any major moves to help their championship run.

A person close to the Nuggets have told me that there are currently some small whispers going around between the Phoenix Suns and Denver Nuggets. Those talks have been reportedly about bringing Amar'e Stoudemire to the Mile-High City.

Although it is still being talked about, this is the NBA, where, in Kevin Garnett's words, "Anything is Possible," and also where "Amazing Happens."

Amar'e has been shopped by the Suns since around the trade deadline, and he has also stressed his displeasure with Suns management. The Suns are currently in rebuilding mode, yet they go out and re-sign Grant Hill. The guy is 36 and will be 37 when the season starts.

The current proposed trade would be:

Nuggets Get

Amar'e Stoudemire

Suns Get

Kenyon Martin

Linas Kleiza

Future Draft Pick

Cash Considerations

Kenyon Martin might opt out of his contract 2010 giving the Suns $15 million in cap space. Linas Kleiza is also a young forward who would fit into the Suns rebuilding process.

However, it doesn't seem to make the Nuggets any better, but it would make them worse on the defensive end.

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Kenyon Martin is a better defender then Amar'e at the four spot. He is more physical and isn't afraid to make a statement. Ask Mark Cuban and Dirk Nowitzki. He shoved Dirk Down in game one of the second round.

Denver has already lost Dhantay Jones, a defensive specialist, and losing Martin, another great defender that doesn't take away from Carmelo's and Billups shots would hurt the team.

Sure Amar'e would be a force, but it's too good to be true. Every plan has it's flaws. Amar'e, Carmelo, JR Smith and Billups have that scoring mentality and at times take over games. Nene can come up with 20 on any given night as well.

Having the majority of your starting lineup being offensive threats and no defense isn't going to win you a championship. However, Billups would be able to level out Amar'e and control a starting line up of Billups, Smith, Melo, Amar'e and Nene.

JR has proved that he deserves to start, but I don't think it should be the case. The Nuggets gave up a key part in their bench, Linas Kleiza and the bench is already weak enough.

Ty Lawson, Chris Andersen and Renaldo Balkmen would be the first three to come off. Arron Afflalo is rumored to be heading to the Nuggets so he would take that Shooting Guard position.

Afflalo should start, and let JR continue to ignite the bench.

Overall this deal should no go down as it may look good on paper, but it won't work out during the regular season. Again talks are small but they can heat up quite fast.


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