2009 German GP: Reality Check

einnahsCorrespondent IJuly 12, 2009

NURBURG, GERMANY - JULY 12:  Mark Webber of Australia and Red Bull Racing celebrates on the podium after winning the German Formula One Grand Prix at Nurburgring on July 12, 2009 in Nurburg, Germany.  (Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images)

Well, that was an exciting GP weekend. I suppose any circuit that has a castle for a backdrop and a roller coaster at its doorstep can't go too wrong.

As usual, bringing you the quick and dirty at the Nurburgring over the past couple of days:


  • The mad circus of Q2. Plus 5. Nothing like a little rain to get everyone rattled up.
  • Both McLarens in Q3. Plus 2. Finally.
  • Mark Webber on pole! Plus 5
  • Adrian Sutil qualifies in P7. Plus 10. Bonus points for having the heaviest car in Q3. Plus 5
  • Piquet out-qualifies Alonso! Plus 2.
  • Eddie Jordan gushing over the progress McLaren has made. Minus 5. Progress - yes, one of the top three runners - not in a long shot. Go suck an egg.
  • Action at turn 1. Plus 5. I love how the Ferraris and the other KERS cars manage to jump the rest at the start.
  • Hamilton gets rear puncture at turn 1. Minus 5. *Groan* Well at least the car is looking somewhat competitive. 
  • Kimi clips Sutil's front wing. Minus 2. This is mildly hilarious. Why does this always happen to Sutil when he is in position to score points?
  • Kimi retires due to engine trouble. Minus 5. Noooooooo.
  • Heikki Kovalainen builds a train behind him at least twice during the race. Plus 2. Hey the guy scored a point, even without the new parts his teammate got. 
  • Rosberg starts P15 and finishes in P4. Plus 5. Great drive.
  • Massa scores his first podium of the season. Plus 2.
  • Brawns finish in P5 and P6. Minus 2. Well ok, I'm actually secretly glad they didn't finish at the top.
  • Mark Webber's maiden Grand Prix victory! Plus 5. Fantastic race, all the more impressive cos he had to serve a drive-through penalty.
  • Red Bull 1-2. Plus 2. Alright! The fight for the championships is looking good.

So here we are, nine races down, eight more to go. A couple weeks' wait before we get to the Hungaroring, but expecting more political rubbish and drivers' market rumours to keep us entertained in the mean time. Cheers!