Mariner Maniacs name Fearon Wright Player of the Year!

Jabber HeadSenior Analyst IJuly 12, 2009

On July 8 at the Nest in Baltimore, Mariner Maniacs President Ed Jowanowitch named Baltimore Mariner LB/DL Fearon Wright the Mariner Maniacs Player of the Year for 2009. How valuable was Fearon Wright on defense? Just ask Mariner Maniacs President Ed Jowanowitch.

”He led the defense in sacks and had a very game changing sack on Readings QB Rob Flowers. When you see Fearon on the field, you could tell he was the leader, some say he is the Ray Lewis of the Baltimore Mariners,” Jowanowitch said.

I asked Fearon Wright, how does it feel to be named Mariner Maniacs Player of the Year for 2009?

”It was a great honor to be named Player of the Year. I acknowledge that many factors have to be considered when choosing who to give this award to, and I am humbled and grateful that the Mariner Maniacs saw these attributes in me” Wright said.

And Fearon was quick to point that his success on the team this past season, would not have been possible without the leadership and support that he recieved from the Mariners coaching staff and his teammates.

At 6'4" and 245 lbs. Fearon Wright is one of the AIFA’s most dominant defensive players. He is a force often being double teamed by opposing offensive lineman.

“The thing that outshone him over other’s was his Leadership and how he would get the defense going,” Jowanowitch said. Fearon says there is no better place to play arena football then for the Baltimore Mariners.

“One of the most important factors in choosing a team for which to play is the support of the fans, and I have to say that the Mariner Maniac fans are truly loyal to the team," Wright said.

All of the Mariner Maniacs voted for the Player of the Year. Not to many clubs issue awards in there first year of operation. ”Its a goal we set in the beginning and plan to continue it for years to come,” Jowanowitch said. Ed also thinks that with the new ownership the Baltimore Mariners have, and there caliber of players they had in 2009, that the future looks like a fantastic year for the team in 2010!

And last but not least, I had to ask the 2009 Mariner Maniacs Player of the Year, how good can this defense be in 2010? “Defense wins Championships!! That's how good were going to be!” Wright said. When Fearon Wright says there going to win a championship, then you better start making plans for the big game right now Baltimore! Fearon Wright now has a Player of the Year plaque for his wall….next season he will have a Championship Ring for his finger!!

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