Bonds to the Tigers!?!? It Could Happen!

BigRegAnalyst IMay 6, 2008

Before yesterday and the release of J. Jones,  I would have thought this was as crazy as you currently think I am.  But the release of Jones opens up a big, huge hole that could be filled with one big, huge, enormous head.  The head of Barry Lamar Bonds. 

Why this could work....

1.  The Tigers need a big left handed bat.

Barry Bonds could become the left-handed bat that would balance out this lineup made up primarily of right-handers. 

2.  Leyland has always been a Bonds man.

If you have the respect of the manager and you respect the manager, there is a lot of differences that can be agreed on. 

3.  Bonds still wants to play the field.

The Tigers could rotate Bonds, Maggs, and Sheff into right and left field, leaving one of them to DH.  Their defense will not suffer that much by having Bonds out there compared to Sheffield. 

4.  The Tigers are now willing to spend the money.

This past off-season Mr. Illich showed that he is not afraid to spend some money and take some chances.  Why not one more to give this season a fighting chance?

5. Bonds is a free agent, so the Tigers would not lose anymore prospects.

This goes back to the Yankees way of thinking.  Hey, it's only money!!


Why this could never work...


1.  Bonds could possibly go to jail in the near future.

This would make a contract a very hard thing to put together since you would need to work in a clause stating what would happen should he end up going.

2.  Bonds would need to DH

Seriously, do the Tigers really need another DH.  Let's see, they currently have Sheff, Cabrera, Guillen, Maggs, and Thames.  Most nights they are already putting three or four guys on the field that should be full time DH's.

3.  Dombrowski likes his teams to be good upstanding players.

Bonds does not fall into that category.

4.  Bonds is an A-hole.

Do the Tigers really need someone to come in and disrupt a clubhouse that is already had to deal with so much this year? 

In the end, I don't think that Bonds will ever become a Tiger, I think there are to many hits against him for anyone to take a chance.  But what if....

Granderson, Polanco, Sheff, Maggs, Bonds, Cabrera, Guillen, Renteria, Pudge.

'Nuff said.