Bad News For Warriors Fans or Rowell Is Scared

Steven ResnickSenior Writer IJuly 12, 2009

There has been a rumor circulating that Chris Cohan majority owner of the Golden State Warriors was planning on selling the team within the next year or two. The reason being is the legal fight he's going to be battling with the IRS.

With this rumor it gave hope Warriors fans that Cohan would be gone and new ownership would be in place to make the Warriors more respectable. Considering the fact that no big name free agent even remotely considers going to Golden State even though the Warriors fans are the best in the NBA.

Now let's take a look at some of the boneheaded moves that Cohan has done while owner of the Warriors. Let's start at the beginning of Cohan's tenure.

First allowing Don Nelson the power to alienate upcoming star Chris Webber so much so that the team had to trade Webber and Nelson eventually was fired 45 games into the season with a record of 14-31 for the '94-'95 season.

Cohan's the owner of the team if a coach is alienating the star player that's when you put your foot down and tell Nelson you are not going to tolerate it, but Cohan is not a hands on type of owner and could care less what goes on with the team, which will be shown in other examples as well.

As mentioned before Nelson left the team in shambles no thanks to Cohan. In this period Warriors fans went through coaches like they would a change of underwear. Here's a list of coaches during that time.

  • '94-'95: Bob Lanier (interim) 12-25
  • '95-'96: Rick Adelman  36-46
  • '96-'97: Rick Adelman 30-52
  • '97-'98: P.J. Carleismo 19-63
  • '98-99: P.J. Carleismo 21-61
  • '99-'00: P.J. Carleismo 6-21
  • '99-'00: Gary St. Jean (Interim) 13-42
  • '00-'01: Dave Cowens 17-65
  • '01-'02: Dave Cowens  8-15
  • '01-'02: Brian Winters (Interim) 13-46
  • '02-'03: Eric Musselman 38-44
  • '03-'04: Eric Musselma 37-45
  • '04-'05: Mike Montgomery 34-48
  • '05-'06: Mike Montgomery 34-48
  • '06-'07: Don Nelson 42-40
  • '07-'08: Don Nelson 48-34
  • '08-'09: Don Nelson 29-53

As you can see Cohan has overseen his share of coaching changes with Don Nelson coming back for his second stint and being the most successful coach the Warriors have had since his first stint before he alienated Webber. Other then that the Warriors were only consistent in getting into the lottery.

Carleismo was by far the worst coach the Warriors have had during this time. He'll be always remembered as the one who was talking down to a grown man and ended up getting his butt kicked and deservedly so! Carleismo was pathetic and any owner who can stand by that hiring should sell the team as quickly as possible because it's obvious they have no understanding of the NBA game.

Yet, even worse has been the draft. Players such as Cliffor Rozier, Anthony Miller, Joe Smith, Todd Fuller, Adonal Foyle, Jeff Foster, Tim Young, Chris Porter, Mike Dunleavy, Steve Logan, Derrick Zimmerman, Ike Diogu, Chris Taft, Patrick O'Bryant, and Richard Hendrix.

On occasion the Warriors would make solid selections such as Gilbert Arenas a steal in the second round, Monta Ellis same thing as Arenas and at least the Warriors were able to keep him, Andris Biedrins, Anthony Randolph, Jason Richardson, and Troy Murphy.

With the way the Warriors were losing you would think that they would draft players that would benefit their team, but that was not the case.

Quite worse though has been the free agent signings. Players like Mookie Blaylock, B.J. Armstrong, Derek Fisher, the contract given to Adonal Foyle, and Mike Dunleavy.

Trades for players such as Rony Seikaly, John Starks, Billy Owens, Jason Caffey, Bimbo Coles, and Dickey Simpkins.  

Now onto the more recent embarrassments for the Warriors franchise. Hiring Robert Rowell as president has been one of the biggest mistakes in Cohan's history as owner. Rowell is absolutely clueless about basketball and it has shown.

Due to this the treatment of Chris Mullin who is the one that orchestrated the trades to get rid of some of the contracts mistakes that Cohan and Rowell approved was the proverbial sacrifice this July when his contract was not renewed, but this was known from the start of the season.

The reason being is that they were unhappy about two situations. The first one involved Mullin being able to prepare a contract to Baron Davis who had accepted the contract and would have made the Warriors one of the most exciting franchises in the league,  but Cohan and Rowell did not approve and Davis was gone.

Secondly what got Cohand and Rowell the most upset though was the fact that Mullin along with Don Nelson disagreed on punishment for Monta Ellis. Ellis as you know was injured last offseason in a moped accident.

Mullin I'm sure wanted to give punishment down but not as severe as what Cohan and Rowell wanted. The duo wanted to void the contract Ellis had signed for six years, but in the end Ellis was suspended for 30 games and fined a substantial amount of money.

Yet, the tandem of Cohan and Rowell had a clause in it stating that if Ellis didn't return to how he played before the injury they had the ability to void the contract Ellis had signed. Which, apparently made Ellis unhappy.

Because of the slight that Cohand and Rowell felt by Mullin they fired Mullin's second in command and replaced him with Don Nelson's good friend Larry Riley. That was the end of Mullin's reign as general manager for the Warriors.

Finally though was the period of time where Nelson was acting like the general manager himself. Even offering the suggestion to Jamal Crawford that he would be better off declining his option for the next two years because he was not in the plans for the Warriors.

Another issue was his treatment of star prospect Anthony Randolph. Although, in the end Randolph got to see playing time and actually is one of the upcoming players in the NBA, Nelson could have taken a different approach in helping to develop Randolph.

Luckily for the Warriors and their fans Stephen Jackson and Ronny Turiaf took Randolph under their wings and helped him along the way. Randolph improved so much during the season that he is more than likely going to be the starting power forward for the Warriors. Randolph has unseated Brandan Wright for the starting spot.

Even though it is the rumor that Cohan is selling the team his second in command Rowell says the team is not for sale trying to dispell the rumor. Yet, I'm not buying it.

From what I've read regarding the situation is that Cohan has legal troubles that are going to cost him. Meaning that he's better off selling the team to help with his legal troubles.

Rowell is coming out and publicly stating the team is not for sale not because the team won't be, but because Rowell is in denial. He knows if knew ownership comes in he's as good as gone, which makes it even more sweet.

Warriors fans have been waiting for this day for a long time. The reign of Cohan and Rowell is almost over. Let's hope that the next owner will take a more hands on approach to owning the team and bring in players that will put the Wariors back on the map!


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