When Is It OK For a Red Sox/Yankees Fan To Jump The Fence

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When Is It OK For a Red Sox/Yankees Fan To Jump The Fence
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I was born and raised a Red Sox fan.

I can remember my mom letting me stay up late to watch the 1986 World Series. I watched the ball roll between Bill Buckner's legs when I was 11-years-old.

I continued to be a Red Sox fan until about 1991 when I stopped paying attention to sports all together.

I was too enamored with girls, punk rock, skateboards and cigarettes.

I didn't pay attention to pro sports again until about 1995 when I met a great bunch of guys from Albany, New York. They were in a punk rock band called "All Fall Down."

I spent a lot of time with them and eventually even played in the band for a while. They were all huge Yankees fans.

So I, not feeling that I had any allegiance to anything but Gibson guitars and beer, decided to go with it and start routing for the Yankees.

I payed close attention for a couple of years and then my interest started to dwindle and I was once again not paying too much attention to baseball. I was far more interested in football.

A few years passed and I was working with a guy who was a huge Red Sox fan. We used to go out and carouse together and a lot of times it was at a great Irish sports bar called C.C. O'Brien's. C.C.'s—as it is called by locals—is split right down the middle between Red Sox and Yankees.

As is many bars in New England.

I spent a lot of time with this guy and he got me paying attention to the Sox again.

It was two years before the World Series win.

I watched Pedro, Papi, Millar, Damon, Varitek and more. I was hooked. It was my dirty little secret.

I couldn't tell anyone I liked the Red Sox. I felt like such a sell- out.

My Red Sox loving friend even asked me, "If someone was to buy you a Red Sox hat would you wear it?"

I don't think I ever answered, because I still don't have one.

I have watched and routed for the Sox ever since. I still feel dirty though.

I have asked my sacred question to a few people here and there.

It is funny because if I ask a Yankees fan what they think about my saga they usually jump up and down and scream that I am a trader.

When I ask a Red Sox fan, they usually say they are happy to have me.

My wife and her family are all Yankees fans and we don't talk about it.

I don't know, I have spent most of my life a Red Sox fan I just feel like a loser because of those few weak years.

I need guidance.

Tell me Red Sox Nation, will you have me? 

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