Too Many Stupid Pills: Butch Stearns vs. Jack Wilson

RedSox ManiacAnalyst IJuly 10, 2009

Hey Butch, I love you, and sometimes you don’t make any sense. I have to point out the latter when you were talking to Pete Sheppard about the Jack Wilson rumors.

I think this was on Tuesday afternoon ( about 3-330pm ) where a caller phoned in on the Big Show to ask if the Red Sox were still planning on trading for a shortstop.

Jack Wilson was brought up, since there have been rumors that the Red Sox were interested in the guy. Pete Sheppard dismissed the story, saying that there hasn’t been much rumbling since its release. I forgot who the other guest was, but both the guest and Sheppard had felt that trading for Wilson would be too much money to eat ( with his $9 million contract ).

Butch Stearns doesn’t like the trade rumor because he doesn’t think Jack Wilson can contribute more than the current Lugo/Nick Greene core. During this whole argument, Stearns pretty much is taking the stance that Wilson would not be a good fit.

So, Butch finally ends the conversation with (paraphrasing)  ” It would be great to have (Garrett) Atkins and Wilson on the bench.” Someone mentions afterward that Wilson is starting if he comes to the Red Sox.

Butch then says something like: ” I don’t know about that.”

Then, I think Pete Sheppard (probably in total awe) asks Butch ( I am paraphrasing )

” You think that if Jack Wilson will have to compete for the starting job here?”

And you hear Butch, with knowledge of a million gods reply:


Butch, what the faaaaaack!?!? The absolute worst reply you that could be given responding to this question. Butch, really? You think that ( and/or situations below ):

A: The Red Sox would flop on an extra $3-4 million dollars to lose a roster spot by carrying THREE SHORTSTOPS and having the best one FIGHT FOR HIS JOB?

B: That somehow Nick Greene is better than Jack Wilson? And if so, the Red Sox would TRADE FOR HIM ANYWAY?

I know some Red Sox fans might agree with B, in which case there would be no reason to trade for him in the first place. But Wilson is probably one of the, and if not, the best defensive shortstop in the National League. No argument on who is better. None.

But Butchie, I am giving you the benefit of the doubt that you were only ignorant enough that you are unaware of how good Wilson is, and your dispute is based on the fact that Wilson isn’t a need for this team.

But trading for such a talent just so he can sit next to Lugo and watch Nick Greene turn double-plays would be the most ridiculous scenario in sports. It would peak the Matt Cassell/ Tom Brady controversy only because of the roaring laughter that would commence in every baseball front office in the country.