Why Leonardo Araujo Is a Sign of Good Things to Come For Milan

will evansCorrespondent IJuly 11, 2009

14 Feb 2001:  Leonardo of AC Milan runs through the defence during the UEFA Champions League Group B match against Paris St Germain played at the San Siro, in Milan, Italy. The match ended in a 1-1 draw. \ Mandatory Credit: Jamie McDonald /Allsport

So Milan have lost there long standing captain, their star player, and rumors persists about the remaining players.

There is one reason to be happy: Leonardo Araujo.

This man is taking Milan in the right direction, and I have no doubt that under his guidance, Milan can make its long awaited recovery.

The reason I can make this drastic claim is because of Leonardo's first actions as manager. He bought a defender, and released Kaka.

While the sale of Kaka is controversial to say the least, in the end it was definitely a good move. It allowed for a huge sum of money to help strengthen an aging side.

While they will no longer be able to boast one of the top players in world football, the team as a whole should strengthen significantly in a lot of positions where previously aged or incapable players played. I'm looking at the defense.

Which brings me to my second point: Leonardo brought in Onyewu.

While it's hardly a signing to cause more then a quiver to go around the globe, the signing of Onyewu was a fantastic acquisition.

Onyewu had a fantastic Confederations Cup, where he almost single handedly kept team USA in the cup.

He is a tall, strong, surprisingly quick, no-nonsense, dedicated defender, and he is exactly what Milan needs. Especially since their back line no longer boasts Maldini, while currently containing the likes of Senderos, who is not up to scratch at Milan.

He could prove a great defender, especially considering his age.

Yes, his age. The man is 27, and while not young by any means, his addition breaks a rather annoying habit of Milan's, which was to purchase players only after they pass their prime and are on the wrong side of 30.

Onyewu, at 27, still has a few good years in him in which he will hit his prime.

So, with the combination of the selling of Kaka for an amount of money which will allow the Milan team to strengthen as a whole, and the addition of a physically capable defender in his prime (and not past it!), Leonardo should be a manager that Milan fans can and should expect great things from.

In any case, he is a welcome change from Ancelotti.