Behind the Scenes: Jamie Noble

Jack WindhamAnalyst IJuly 11, 2009

If you don't know why a guy like Jamie Noble still has a job with WWE, then you don't know very much about how the business works.


What Fans See

Browse around on various message boards across the internet, and you get a good feel of what the internet wrestling community thinks.

On the rare occasion that Jamie Noble's name does get mentioned, there's generally two types of reaction that you will see. Some are shocked that he's still on the WWE payroll, while others believe that he's just a "waste of space."

Very rarely do you see Jamie Noble being praised by the vast majority of the internet wrestling community.

Jamie Noble gets overlooked because he doesn't get a huge push. He also doesn't have the cool catchphrases or the comedic gimmick like Santino Marella or Charlie Haas (back when he was impersonating every wrestler under the sun).

He has a redneck gimmick, but it hardly gets any exposure on television nowadays.

To the casual wrestling fan, he's just another person on the roster.


What Jamie Noble Really Is

To the hardcore fans that understands the business, though, Jamie Noble is a lot like the Transformers. There's more than meets the eyes.

In basketball, you hear the term "coach on the floor" used pretty often when there's a veteran guard that understands the offensive system completely and knows what it takes to make it run like a well-oiled machine.

To apply the term to wrestling, Jamie Noble is a "coach in the ring."

Jamie Noble is the guy that you throw into matches against younger and less experienced wrestlers. He can make a new wrestler look credible in their television debut.

He can also spend weeks working with a lesser experienced wrestler on the house show circuit and help them improve.

It takes a special type of person to spend that much time working with someone else just to see them (and not you) being elevated to a spot on the weekly television shows.


Long Term

While so many people have Jamie Noble on their "Next To Be Released" list, he might have a lot more job security than you know.

The former WWE Cruiserweight Champion has a great mind for the business. WWE actually once entrusted the booking for the cruiserweight division to Jamie Noble. He was in charge of a group of wrestlers.

While it wasn't a major success (partly due to Vince McMahon not wanting it to be), Jamie Noble still received praise for the work that he put in.

The belief is that he will be available for a front office job after he retires from in-ring competition. Since he's still physically capable (Jamie Noble is only 32 years old), the company will keep using him to fill a role on the roster.


Closing Thoughts

Just wanted to give Jamie Noble some shine. He's a talented guy who does his job well. Unfortunately, though, we're in an industry where the majority of the fans aren't capable of seeing and appreciating that.

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