Bryan Colangelo: Why He's The Man

Brad NortonCorrespondent IJuly 11, 2009

if you haven't guessed already in this article i'm going to make an attempt at ten reasons why you should like Bryan Colangelo.

He is probably the best Phoenix Suns GM as well as the best Raptors GM in it's fifteen years as an NBA franchise. Hell, he's probably one of the greatest GM's all time and has to be in everybody's top 3 best active GM's.

okay, lets get started shall we.

1. The first year he came here he got Raptors to a record of 47-35 from the year before of 33-49. He turned this Raptors franchise around in a matter of 2 and a bit months, we won our first divison title and got our first playoff birth in 5 years.

2. In his first 2 years here we made it into the playoffs. something we never accomplished in the years prior to the Bryan Colangelo era with records of 47-35 and 41-41.     

3. Making something out of Nothing: After, a record of 33-49 this past season that saw key players go down with injuries. We we're expecting huge things from Mr. Colangelo when it appeared he was going to sign Hedo Turkoglu and renouncing the likes of Carlos Delfino,Shawn Marion, Pops Mensah-Bonsu, Joey Graham, Anthony Parker, the Mid-Level Exception and Bi-Annual. Even, those who trusted Bryan started to worry. I think he even started to worry himself.

Then, he made something out of nothing with some help from a Fruitman character. An epic four team deal (on a side note: we should give credit to Mark Cuban as well, for wanting to trade for Marion).That saw us get Hedo Turkoglu, Devean George, Antoine Wright and in the process the MLE and Bi-Annual for a 2016 second round pick a couple of reserve bench players and a guy who we weren't gonna resign anyways in Shawn Marion.  

4. He drafted Amare Stoudemire, Shawn Marion, and Demar Derozan(he'll be a big name soon enough) at #9.

5. He's a two time executive of the year(2005 with the Pheonix Suns and 2007 with the Raptors).

6. He always gets you excited by making a Big Splash whether it's a signing or a trade some have been flunks, but, when he does it it gets you stoaked.

7. Turned around the Phoenix Suns franchise to that famous run n' gun 50+ wins team that went to the western conference championship game twice.

8. Well, i personally haven't met him. But, from what i've heard he's an all around nice guy.

9. He's made the city of Toronto actually have a good major sports team in recent years and doesn't play that game of "oh, renew your tickets now 'cause we'll be better next year, I promise" and they aren't any better next year.

10. ah the final one, well i'm going to leave that to you guys make sure to leave your ideas in the comments section and i'll make a poll of the top five for number 10.