Million Dollar Man Money in the Bank as General Manager

Dana CarlsonContributor IJuly 11, 2009

ELDON - JULY 5: Mike (right) Teddy DiBiase Jr. speak with their father, Ted aka The Million Dollar Man, and Harley Race at Race's Wrestling School on July 5, 2006 in Eldon, Missouri. Harley Race's legendary wrestling career spanned nearly four decades. During that time Race won eight NWA World Championships, managed two wrestlers to the WCW World Championship and was involved in operating the NWA territories in Kansas City and St. Louis. Mike and Teddy DiBiase Jr. are the sons of world famous Ted DiBiase, better known as The Million Dollar Man in the wrestling world. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

What a breath of fresh air! The return of the "Million-Dollar Man" Ted Dibiase to WWE.

For the last few weeks, Raw has been having a "guest host" as General Manager. I have got to say, it is a fresh and nice change.

The first week it was Batista. I was a little disappointed. Seeing him is nothing new. Yawn. They did however limit his air time which for me was a good thing.

Last week, I was thrilled to see the Million Dollar Man come out from the back to take the spot of guest host. He has not lost a bit of his on air ability. Mr. Dibiase works the mike like the pro he is. This is a guy should stick around for awhile!

Not only was it exciting to have him back, the matches he put together were sweet.  Cody Rhodes getting slammed by Mark Henry and then walking away like the pansy he is was awesome. I only wish he would have made him wear the polka dots.

Pitting his son Ted Dibiase Jr., against the champion Randy Orton, was a nice move to showcase his natural abilities. Ted Jr. is a bonafide performer and will definitely be heavyweight champ one day. Cody Rhodes, not at all. It's about time the WWE used him more effectively.

The match between HHH and John Cena, well it was predictable that a Triple Threat would be the outcome. Other than that, it was a "Million-Dollar Night!"

I hope they continue to use the " Million Dollar Man." He got a good pop when he came out. I also hope they continue to push Ted Jr. into the spotlight. The future is most certainly in the hands of the Million-Dollar Man's son.