Manchester United and FC Barcelona: Two Teams That Look Alike – Part Three

Isaac AsanteCorrespondent IIJuly 11, 2009

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In previous parts of this article, we compared Manchester United and FC Barcelona’s achievements, as well as their key players; but, today, we look at something different.

FC Barcelona and Manchester United often complain that they suffer wrong decisions from referees; however, tensions don’t only get between their supporters and officials. In fact, fans from both sides tend argue among themselves on certain issues that took place last season.


Anger among Manchester United fans

Many soccer fans—mostly English fans—accuse FC Barcelona of robbing Chelsea to reach the UEFA Champions League final. Certainly, the game was finally decided trough controversy, as referee Tom Henning-Ovrebo refused to hear the Blues’ numerous appeal on penalty.

In any case, Barcelona happened to play in Rome, where they defeated Manchester United by two goals to nil in the final, and critics begun to raise among Red Devils fans.

Yes, one could say that they have a point in questioning the Catalans’ qualification to the Champions League final, but in fact, United fans are also condemning their own team without noticing it.

The controversial Manchester United come back

The beginning of the 2007-08 season wasn’t quite what Sir Alex Ferguson was expecting. After having his ace Cristiano Ronaldo sent off for head butting a player, and having collected only two of nine possible points in the Premier League, Fergie couldn’t take it anymore.


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By Isaac Asante

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