Why Is Jay Cutler Under The Bus?

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Why Is Jay Cutler Under The Bus?
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Why have so many Broncos' fans thrown Jay Cutler under the bus? If you had asked most Broncos' fans why they were optimistic about their team one year ago the answer would have been overwhelmingly, Jay Cutler.


I don’t want to go into a rehash of who is to blame or how it happened. If you don’t know what happened you’re not a fan. If you are a fan you have already assigned the blame to someone in your mind.


Last year, if you had asked Broncos fans if Cutler would be as good as John Elway, most would have said no, but he will be close. That is pretty high praise.


The fact is Jay Cutler was a great young quarterback with tons of promise. My problem with Cutler was he fumbled too much and he followed just about every interception that wasn’t his fault with one that was. Much like another former Broncos quarterback.


That is the number one stat cited when people bash Cutler today. That is the way of young gun slingers like Elway and Brett Favre. They depend on their arm strength until they mature. Elway was not able to win a Super Bowl until he learned that he couldn’t do it all by himself.


Cutler too would have out grown the interception problem, and I was willing to wait it out. Last year most Broncos fans were. Today they hold it against him, they call him a cry baby and a locker room cancer. They blame Cutler for the Broncos' poor performance last year.


He was never a cancer. I never heard Cutler cry about anything before this. I was disappointed by Cutler’s reaction to the trade rumors. I too said, “grow up.”


But to blame Cutler for last year's performance is crazy talk. Yes, he threw some bad picks like all young quarterbacks do. Yes, he focused on Brandon Marshall too much. If he had not thrown enough passes to Marshall he would be criticized for ignoring his best receiver.


I don’t think Cutler will ever be as good in Chicago as he would have been in Denver. But he is still an immensely talented young quarterback and he should not be blasted by the people that not too long ago cited him as their reason for optimism.

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