The Top 14, Part Three: The Fixtures

James MortimerAnalyst IJuly 11, 2009

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 25:  France coach Marc Lievremont watches his team train during the France Captain's run at ANZ Stadium on June 25, 2009 in Sydney, Australia.  (Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)

The final look at the Top 14 preview, as we look at the fixtures for the season.

The French Top 14 season is played on a return fixture format, which means that in Round One through to Round 13 the teams all play each other, but then from Round 14 to Round 26, the matches are then played at the corresponding opponents home ground. 


So when Biarritz host Castres in Round One, then Biarretz will then play Castres away in Round 14, and so forth.


Note: Home team first



Round One


14 and 15 August 2009

Return fixture 27-28 November, Round 14


Biarritz vs Castres
Bourgoin vs Clermont-Auvergne
Montauban vs Toulouse
Brive vs Montpellier
Perpignan vs Bayonne
Toulon vs Stade Français
Albi vs Racing-Mètro



Round Two

21 and 22 August 2009

Return fixture 4-5 December, Round 15


Castres vs Bourgoin
Clermont-Auvergne vs Montauban
Toulouse vs Brive
Montpellier vs Perpignan
Bayonne vs Stade Français
Toulon vs Racing-Mètro
Biarritz vs Albi



Round Three

28 and 29 August 2009

Return fixture 30 December, Round 16


Montauban vs Castres
Brive vs Clermont-Auvergne
Perpignan vs Toulouse
Stade Français vs Montpellier
Racing-Mètro vs Bayonne
Albi vs Toulon
Bourgoin vs Biarritz



Round Four

2 September 2009

Return fixture 3 January 2010, Round 17

Albi vs Castres
Toulon vs Clermont-Auvergne
Toulouse vs Bayonne
Bourgoin vs Racing-Mètro
Stade Français vs Montauban
Perpignan vs Brive
Montpellier vs Biarritz



Round Five

6 September 2009

Return fixture 8-9 January 2010, Round 18


Castres vs Montpellier
Clermont-Auvergne vs Toulouse
Bayonne vs Bourgoin
Montauban vs Toulon
Brive vs Albi
Racing-Mètro vs Perpignan
Biarritz vs Stade Français



Round Six

11 and 12 September 2009

Return fixture 27-28 January 2010, Round 19


Stade Français vs Castres
Clermont-Auvergne vs Racing-Mètro
Toulouse vs Albi
Montpellier vs Toulon
Bourgoin vs Perpignan
Montauban vs Brive
Biarritz vs Bayonne



Round Seven

18 and 19 September 2009

Return fixture 19-20 February 2010, Round 20


Castres vs Racing-Mètro
Albi vs Clermont-Auvergne
Toulon vs Toulouse
Bayonne vs Montpellier
Stade Français vs Bourgoin
Perpignan vs Montauban
Brive vs Biarritz



Round Eight

25 and 26 September 2009

Return fixture 5-6 March 2010, Round 21


Brive vs Castres
Perpignan vs Clermont-Auvergne
Toulouse vs Stade Français
Racing-Mètro vs Montpellier
Albi vs Bayonne
Montauban vs Bourgoin
Biarritz vs Toulon



Round Nine

2 and 3 October 2009

Return fixture 12-13 March 2010, Round 22


Castres vs Toulon
Clermont-Auvergne vs Bayonne
Montpellier vs Toulouse
Bourgoin vs Albi
Racing-Mètro vs Montauban
Stade Français vs Brive
Biarritz vs Perpignan



Round 10

23 and 24 October 2009

Return fixture 26-27 March 2010, Round 23


Bayonne vs Castres
Montpellier vs Clermont-Auvergne
Toulon vs Bourgoin
Montauban vs Albi
Brive vs Racing-Mètro
Stade Français vs Perpignan
Toulouse vs Biarritz



Round 11

30 and 31 October 2009

Return fixture 2-3 April 2010, Round 24


Perpignan vs Castres
Clermont-Auvergne vs Stade Français
Racing-Mètro vs Toulouse
Albi vs Montpellier
Bayonne vs Toulon
Bourgoin vs Brive
Montauban vs Biarritz



Round 12

5 November 2009

Return fixture 16-17 April 2010, Round 25


Castres vs Clermont-Auvergne
Toulouse vs Bourgoin
Montpellier vs Montauban
Brive vs Bayonne
Perpignan vs Toulon
Stade Français vs Albi
Biarritz vs Racing-Mètro



Round 13

20 and 21 November 2009

Return fixture 24 April 2010, Round 26


Castres vs Toulouse
Bourgoin vs Montpellier
Bayonne vs Montauban
Toulon vs Brive
Albi vs Perpignan
Racing-Mètro vs Stade Français
Clermont-Auvergne vs Biarritz



Playoffs for semifinals: 7-8 May 2010
Semifinals: 14-15 May 2010
Grand Final: 29 May 2010



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