When Is Enough Enough!!!!!

Tom BackerContributor IJuly 11, 2009

FORT WORTH, TX  MAY 29:  Fort Worth police officer J.R. Bell drag races down pit lane at Texas Motor Speedway to kickoff the new Scion Drag-n-Brag organized street racing series May 29, 2009 in Fort Worth, Texas. The series will feature racing in four different classes down a 1/8-mile drag strip along pit lane and a 'Show & Shine' program and will a season champion will be named August 7.  (Photo By Tom Pennington/Getty Images for the Texas Motor Speedway)

For those of us who have been loyal Broncos' fans this has been an interesting year and our team hasn't even taken a snap yet. The following is only one fan's opinion.

First we lose our coach, then our quarterback and now maybe our best receiver. Shannahan is a great coach, but he got stale. He ignored the defense for too long and the recent failures showed that.

One of his biggest mistakes in my opinion was when he benched Plummer for Cutler. Plummer had the tools, but obviously not the maturity. Cutler showed his lack of maturity when the rumor was new head coach Josh McDaniels entertained trading him by throwing a fit.

That is life.

I am a police officer and I don't have job security right now my town sales tax is down 12 percent this year and I could lose my $36,000-a-year job. I have five kids to support I don't have the million dollar bank account to help my family out if I lose my job. Get real you throw a football for money I wear a bullet proof vest and a gun to work. When I leave for work I know I might not come home.  

Now Marshall when are you going to figure it out that if you break the law there is punishment. Your million dollar check book does not make you above the law. I work for the law, and I'm not above it. I have arrested fellow officer's in my nine years on the job. Be a man, take responsibility for your mistake and learn from it. Then show you are a man and can change and stay out of trouble. After you prove all that then ask for a new contract. 

Too many people make mistakes and blame everyone else but themselves, its society or the police or the parents. When it comes down to it it about choices. Nothing more, nothing less. Think before you do something. It's that simple and when you make a mistake own up to it and move on.