Dela Hoya-Cotto Meeting: Heating Up The Top Rank-Golden Boy Rivalry

Joel Jonathan CameroCorrespondent IJuly 11, 2009

27 May 1994: Oscar De La Hoya Celebrates with promoter Bob Arum after retaining his WBO Junior Lightweight Belt against challenger Giorgio Campanella at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas.

The biggest news from Puerto Rico  is the so called golf course chance meeting between Golden Boy's top honcho, Oscar Dela Hoya and Top Rank's top fighter and WBO welterweight champion, Miguel Cotto.

Puerto Rican press speculates that the friendly golf game is really a secret meeting to snatch Cotto from Bob Arum's Promotion. Miguel's contract with Top Rank will expire this year.

It may appear that the GBP with the retirement of ODLH and its ageing roster of boxers, is in a hurry to sign any top boxing superstar to inject fresh blood in their depleted line up. 

They failed to attract Vic Darchinyan to their fold and the recent humiliation of their brightest prospect, Victor Ortiz, forced them to lure Cotto to be the captain of their sinking ship.

Golden Boy's boxing line up for this year's second half is not as exciting either. The Malignaggi-Diaz bout would be better billed as the "Battle of the Losers". The "Number One-Numero Uno" match between  Pretty Floyd and Mama-Marquez was a goner before it shows its first 24/7 installment.

The marching order of GBP Executive Shane Mosley (after giving up on his dream of fighting Pacquiao) to arrange a fight with anybody, would spell doom to the promotion before the year ends.

The agenda for Dela Hoya and the GBP is clear in their drive to sign Miuel Cotto, but what would trigger Angelito to turn his back from Top Rank? This are possible answers if ever the rumored transfer will happen:

     1. He is tired of being the second lead to Manny Pacquiao. 

     2. He was upset by his lost to another TR fighter Margacheato.

     3. Golden Boy offers a million dollar signing bonus.

     4. His (hostage) girlfriend finally escaped Arum's goons.

     5. Oscar Dela Hoya prepares better Nacho than Uncle Bob's slave-cook Isabelita.