How To Fix the Dilemma That Is the Unified Tag Team Championship

Kendrick DavisCorrespondent IJuly 11, 2009

What's up, wrestling goons?

As we know, the Tag Team Division in the WWE has been in the dumps for awhile since tag teams like Team 3D left, Hardy Boyz split, so did Edge & Christian.

Hell, even the duo of ego-maniacs, John Morrison & The Miz, were split. The Bash was supposed to be the beginning of excitement for the division when Edge & Chris Jericho won the Unified Tag Team Championship.

However, unfortunate events have dealt blows to the Tag Team Division. Last week, Edge tore his Achilles last week at a house show in San Diego in a match against Jeff Hardy that didn't last long. He will be out for at least six months.

There is no decision yet made for the Unified Tag Team Championship Match at Night of Champions, which will likely be determined this coming week.

Then on RAW which was taped before Edge's injury. Carlito attacked Primo at the end of the match when they lost to Edge & Jericho.

Not only I but other wrestling and tag team fans around the world are pissed about what happened. Thanks, WWE Creative Team.

There are rumors going around about a replacement for Edge, which I disagree. Replacements possibly include up-and-comer Dolph Ziggler, The Miz, or Edge's brother Christian. Why give somebody the title that they didn't earn to begin with?

Giving somebody one half of the titles is like giving a football team the Super Bowl but not playing 16 games including the playoffs. These (Edge & Y2J) guys have accomplished a lot in their careers and to let that happen would be a disservice.

Whether Edge & Jericho were scheduled to take part in the Unified Tag Team Championship Match at The Bash, they earned it, period. Due to Edge being out of action, the Unified Tag Team Titles should be vacant until July 26.

In my years as a fan of wrestling, have I never seen such tardiness towards the way the WWE Tag Team Division has been handled.

The division has brought tag teams that we'll never forget, from Demolition, Strike Force, Legion of Doom, Hart Foundation, Team 3D (formerly The Dudley Boyz), Hardy Boyz & Edge & Christian to now Rhodes & DiBiase, The Colons, Cryme Tyme & The Hart Dynasty.

Unified Tag Team Championships may not be bigger than WWE & World Heavyweight Championship. However, tag teams have put their bodies, careers and everything on the line to be the best ever in the history of not only the WWE, but Tag Teams period.

Yet, we have seen a tag team that can be dominant but most importantly stick together due to bad creativity.

How to handle this problem? Sure, Legacy members Rhodes & DiBiase would be given the belts but that would be too easy. They would have to earn their right to be champions. 

If I had my way, I would solve the dilemma that is the Unified Tag Team Championship picture and it would be done the right way. I don't need a creative team to brainstorm who should get involved. All I have to do is work my magic and make things happen where the fans get a chance to enjoy tag team action at it's best.

Should there be a Tag Team Tournament for next week with four teams involved? A match on RAW and a match on SmackDown? The winners of those matches would meet at the Night of Champions? However, I would not do that. I would have a four way tag team match for the vacant Unified Tag Team Championships.

Here are the teams that should take place in the match at Night of Champions.


Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase

Of course, I've been rooting for this tag team to be Unified Tag Team Champs but were robbed due to an shakeup made by Theodore Long to allow Edge & Y2J to win the titles. These guys are students of wrestling especially coming from the backgrounds of their legendary fathers the "American Dream" Dusty Rhodes & the "Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase.

These are no New Kids On The Block when it comes to championships. This duo has won the World Tag Team Championship belts twice. These guys are a well-oiled tag team duo and have what it takes to be Unified Tag Team Champions.


Cryme Tyme

With the success of being fan favorites and having their own show "Word Up". To me, it's not enough for the Brooklyn duo. This team has yet to taste tag team gold.

Shad & JTG have been in the WWE for two and a half years and still have not been respected in the tag team category, given the attention has been on other tag teams, such as the third generation tag teams.

Don't get me wrong; the other tag teams deserve to get in the mix, but Cryme Tyme has been overlooked for quite some time. What would help this team would be to become Unified Tag Team Champions.

Shad presents raw power and agression while JTG executes with speed and agility. This duo has come a long way to get to the WWE and should be in the mix.


The Hart Dynasty

This could possibly be the future of tag teams in general. Ever since Davey Hart Smith, son of the late British Bulldog, debuted on ECW, this duo of Smith & Tyson Kidd have made it known that they belong in the Tag Team Division.

Tyson Kidd is a wrestler to look at especially with his high-risk moves and quickness. Davey Hart Smith's presence is big enough to play on a football team but his power & strength is what makes this duo strong.

The move to SmackDown gives this team a chance to compete for the Tag Team titles. With Natalya, daughter of the Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart, managing these two, these students of the Hart Dungeon look to make an impact in the Tag Team division.


William Regal & Vladimir Kozlov

This not a real tag team but it would be a interesting faction. Regal, a tough but smug Southpaw from England has experience winning the World Tag Team Championship four times with three wrestlers (2-Lance Storm, 1-Eugene,1-Tajiri).

His work could pay dividends if these two come together. Vladimir Kozlov, which is not the type have as a tag team partner with his cyborg like stature. However, this guy is proficient in Sambo and kickboxing.

His skills would make this team dangerous for the opposition in the tag team division. I called this team "WWE's Odd Couple" but they could fit in if given a chance.


Last a tag team in dire straits


The Colons

After what happened on RAW, there could be no chance in hell that Carlito and Primo back together as a tag team but there are disagreements. This team made an impact becoming the WWE Tag Team Champions in September.

Then the big accomplishment came at WrestleMania 25 when they defeated Morrison & Miz to claim the World Tag Team Championship and make the titles unified. These guys if they can settle differences deserve to be in the tag team hunt if Regal & Kozlov are not involved.


I'm not the boss or someone that cash the checks but something has to give with the Unified Tag Team Championship being handled the right way. Not only the tag team titles are a concern, but the division itself is a main priority.


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