Superstars the WWE Screwed Up On: Part Two

Wrestling UncoveredCorrespondent IJuly 11, 2009

I stated at the end of Part 1 that if the response was good enough I would write a sequel.

Well, Part 1 amassed over 700 reads and I would be crazy to think that wasn't good enough. I also got some suggestions and don't worry, you'll see them show up here, along with a few others.

I am also going to put together a third part featuring more old school guys so feel free to leave suggestions.


1) Elijah Burke

I will say that quite personally I was pissed off that WWE did not put Elijah Burke to better use. He was fairly solid in the ring and he was pretty freaking good on the mic.

He handled the storyline with the "New Breed" fairly well on ECW in 2007. I felt that he was someone whom could be an ECW champion and a great addition to the mid-card scene.

We saw Elijah debut with Sylvester Terkay, a man who quite frankly should have stuck to MMA, on Smackdown, yet none could see the potential Elijah had at this point due mainly to him being overshadowed by Terkay.

They would soon move to ECW where after a brief storyline with the Hardy’s, Terkay was released.

This was Burke really started to shine on ECW. The New Breed stable was formed and feuded with The ECW Originals, consisting of Dreamer, Sabu, and the Sandman, for several months.

After this feud Burke was mostly given garbage. He was involved in a championship chase, but was eliminated by Dreamer. He had a mini-feud with Batista, consisting of two matches, which he lost, but by some miracle actually made Batista look good in the ring.

He would form a one week alliance with Shelton Benjamin, and then disappear for several months. He appeared in the Royal Rumble but was eliminated. His final televised match was a fairly decent one against then US champ Matt Hardy, which he lost.

Burke was released from his contract because WWE creative allegedly could not think of a storyline for him. That my colleagues, is honest to god bulls--t.

I find it difficult to believe a storyline could not be thought of when most of the storyline today consist of simply "I want the title so I can be champion."

Burke recently had a try out match with TNA, which he won. Hopefully he impressed TNA, as I would much like to see TNA succeed with Burke where WWE failed.


2) Matt Morgan

This I am doing by request; for those who dislike Matt Morgan, you may skip this section if you desire, but I will say that I feel Morgan has potential to be one of the better big men in wrestling.

Morgan played jump around with the WWE when he was there, meaning he would jump from development to one of the main brands, in this case being Smackdown, twice.

We first saw him when he debuted to join Team Lesnar which was facing Team Angle in a Survivor Series 10 man elimination match. Team Lesnar lost.

Morgan would than wrestle alongside Lesnar a couple of times before being sent back to OVW.

After 7 or 8 months in OVW, Morgan returned under what is quite possibly one of the worst damn gimmicks ever given to a man of his size.

Ladies and Gentleman, Morgan returned as, what I can only call the Stuttering Giant of the WWE. For a lack of a better word, that didn't work. He was released less than two months later.

After some brief time on the Indy circuit in Europe and Japan, Morgan found a home in TNA, working as Jim Cornette's backup at first but eventually moving on to become a wrestler.

He is currently working under the name "The Blueprint" Matt Morgan, a name which he used in OVW and should have been using in the WWE, involved in a storyline with The Main Event Mafia.


3) Goldberg

I was considering saving Goldberg for Part III but I just couldn't let this travesty of a misuse go. Goldberg wasn't just screwed by the WWE, He was RAPED.

Those who matched WCW know that Goldberg was perhaps one of their greatest assets. He was beloved by a good deal of their fans and he was their resident big man.

His undefeated streak is perhaps one of the most known ones in wrestling at the time. In his debut he beat Hugh Morris. The victories just piled up from there.

In almost no time at all, he won the United States title. After multiple defenses, he went on to defeat Hogan for the WCW heavyweight title. As a result, he vacated his US title.

Goldberg would not lose the Heavyweight title for another several months, losing it to Kevin Nash. This was also recognized as Goldberg's first loss in the company ending his winning streak at 173-0. He would have several more prominent feuds in WCW and he stayed with the company until it folded.

When all was said and done, Goldberg only had six losses, half of which were to arguably the greatest technical wrestler in the world, Bret Hart.

Alas, the death of Goldberg's career in the WWE began before he had even arrived and before WCW had even died in the form of a pitiful jobber named Gillberg.

To Gillberg's credit, he is the longest reigning light heavyweight champion in WWE history at 453 days, but this was largely cause after he won it, most people forgot it existed.

Goldberg arrived in the WWE in 2003. His first half a year weren't bad, as he racked up a winning streak defeating the likes of The Rock, Lance Storm and Chris Jericho. Then he stepped into the World Heavyweight title picture.

He gained his first loss as he feuded with Evolution in a storyline I have personal disdain for, as all it really amounted to was Goldberg beat Triple H to win the title so now Evolution was trying to break his limbs.

The rivalry eventually ended following a handicap match, which Goldberg lost after receiving an RKO, a Batista Bomb, and the Pedigree.

Goldberg lost the title to Triple H after a brief feud with Kane. Royal Rumble season started and Goldberg looked more dominant than ever. He won a triple threat match including Test and fellow WCW alumni Scott Steiner as well as a six-man Battle Royal.

He entered the Rumble at No. 30 and looked dominant as ever; indeed, I felt he might win, then Lesnar interfered, hitting Goldberg with an F-5. The resulting build-up for a match at Wrestlemania was promising.

After 2 1/2 months of hype, Wrestlemania 20 came along, Goldberg vs. Lesnar came around. It should have been a match of dreams. However the match was damn awful, not only that the crowd became aware this was to be both men's last match in the company. As a result the boo’s and derogatory chants were astounding.

This match has since been promptly named the no. 1 most overhyped match in WWE history, something I agree with wholeheartedly, by the rookie in his slideshow "most overhyped matches in WWE history" which can be viewed by clicking the link below.\

Goldberg was screwed by the WWE mainly through a misuse in his character, a sentiment Goldberg himself feels. His character could have been easily used to produce some good feuds.

I personally feel that he should have been placed on Smackdown instead of Raw, considering Raw was largely being dominated by Evolution at the time, There weren't really many feuds open for him at the time.

Well this has gotten much longer than I intended, thank you for reading and remember to leave any requests.


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