Breaking Down The Good, The Bad, and The Needed

Brad NortonCorrespondent IJuly 11, 2009

So, I thought this site is kind of cool you get to write articles about your favourite teams and your opinions. I've been registered for about a week now and was wondering what to put for my first article and what better than on the toronto raptors. 

 I'm going to comment on a little bit of everything in this article. So, be prepared if i go a little bit out there.     

First off, I want to break down the four team deal that the raptors were involved in involving a certain turkish player that i think wasn't too bad last year. If I do recall he was part of an orlando magic team that were eastern conference champions.

Alright, all sarcasm aside this was a good move. It got the raptors someone that they needed, a guy who can create his own shot. He makes the raptors one of the better offensive teams in the league.

As for defense well obviously, he isn't shawn marion or an outstanding defender. I would say he's slightly above average. But, as you know with the raptors we can't just settle with a slightly better than average defender.

Why?, because we are lacking alot of defense and if we don't fix that well Hedo Turkoglu won't make this team that much better at least as soon as we want this team to be. 

Ofcourse you're saying well we now have one of the toughest active guys out there in Reggie Evans. But, he can't really take five players on at once on defense(on a side note: I hope in Marion and JO's short times playing for the raptors they rubbed off on some other players defense wise)(on another side note: wouldn't it have been so sick to have marion and hedo. sadly, they are both money hogs and we could only take one).

Also, I know Demar Derozan will be a star in this league in the coming years. Unfortunately, as we saw with Bargnani it could take as long as three years. But, i imagine it won't as this guy has a lot of inspiration and support(70% chance he starts by the end of the season). He seems like he will help out the defense, but, when he has those troubles we need some defensive minded veteran to help/teach him to get past those bumps in the road.

So, If i'm Bryan Colangelo I'm looking to bring in some help defensively for those two reasons, i'm not sure what Delfino has as i haven't seen him play for a year. I still imagine whether Delfino has good defense or not that we are going to bring in defensive minded additions.

Those gaping holes in back up PG and C need to be adressed. Let's start with an easy one at least i think, it all depends on how far his team is willing to go to keep him and there always the money factor that player is Jarrett Jack, he's a good point guard and I don't think he'll mind coming off the bench. Plus, the Bosh factor: him and Bosh are pals and adding Jarett Jack would not only be a good edition. But, it would be one step closer to a contract extension for Christopher Bosh. 

On a third side note: don't forget to join twitter if you haven't already and follow Chris Bosh. Don't let Charlie V. beat him.

Now, to that coveted spot in Back up Center behind IL MAGGO, I have this pecuilar feeling that we will bring back Rasho. But, i don't think he'll be able to play those minutes required at back up for much longer as he is now 33 and at his height of 7.0 ft. he is going to have some struggles in his future. 

But, hey i could be wrong. But, as for the future I think someone to really consider is Big Baby Davis of the Celtics. He's shown signs of promise and reliability, he's young and cheap, and most importantly he'll get what he wants here in Toronto more minutes.

So, that's it for now. i know this is more of a bloggy type thingy than an article. But, hey so what.