B/R Turns Into the WWE: Raw, Closing Out the Season

Raw General ManagerCorrespondent IJuly 11, 2009

Hey everyone, Svyato. I just wanted to do one more episode of Raw before we finally end the season because there is just stuff I wanna do now.

This will officially be the season finale after this no more episodes until we return at Breaking Point. So without any more delay, here is Monday Night Raw.


Monday Night Raw

(Jeff) Welcome everyone to Monday Night Raw. We are here in Washington, D.C., for a special episode of Raw.

(Ray) And here comes our GM to announce tonight's matches.

(Svyato enters with a mic)

(Svyato) We have a great night ahead of us, folks. First off, for our main event we will have a Champion vs. Champion vs. Champion Match where World Champion The Hacker faces Intercontinental Champion Captain Charisma and WWE Raw Champion Joe Burgett.


(The Uprising music hits as Sulayman, Ben, and Giorgi come out to the ring and it looks like they have a few words for the GM)

(Sulayman) What gives Svyato, I wanted to use my rematch clause tonight and you make this pathetic excuse for a main event?

(Giorgi) Me and Ben over here feel we are not appreciated enough. Just like Sulayman, we want title shots tonight!

(Ben) Yeah, I mean look at us, we're the best you have in the WWE today. Do you really want talent like this to go to waste?

(Svyato thinks for a moment)

(Svyato) How about you two (Ben and Giorgi) go for the Tag Titles while Sulay goes after the European title?

(Sulayman) Seriously? The European Title is a joke. Along with its champion. I'm am not going to wrestle some new guy who just came from FCW.

(Svyato) Then you're not going to have a title match at all.

(Joe Burgett's Hunt You Down hits as he makes his way down)

(Joe) Alright here's the deal boss, make tonight's main event Captain Vs Hacker. I want Sulayman all to myself!


(Svyato) If that's the way you want it, then fine. Sulayman will face Joe Burgett tonight for the WWE Raw Championship.

(Sulayman) Great (big smile on his face).

(Svyato) Hold on there, Sulayman. I thought you would know me better by now. There are some consequences.

(Sulayman) What?

(Svyato) If you lose tonight you won't have a chance at the title as long as Burgett is champ.


(Sulayman) What!? No more chances if I lose! Why?

(Svyato) Because it's my show and things go how I want them to! Oh, that also reminds me the Champion vs. Champion Match will be a First Blood Match. And just because I don't like odd numbers, there will be one more extreme match tonight. Ryan Michael will face Chris Browne in a Texas Death Match! Just my gift to you, the WWE audience.


(Jeff) Welcome back to Raw everyone. Tonight we are going to have a frenzy of great matches.

(Ray) Including for the WWE Raw Championship...

Joe Burgett vs. Sulayman in a Ladder Match.

(Jeff) We also have the Champion vs. Champion Match which will be a First Blood Match.

(Ray) Don't forget the Texas Death Match.

(Jeff) There's also a match for the Tag Titles.

(Ray) And who knows what else our GM has in mind?

(Jeff) Well, right now we will kick of the night with the tag match.

(RA) The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first the champions, Ste Eccles & Jason Savage.

(Ste & Jason enter)

(Jeff) These men survived many challenges to stay the tag team champions, tonight they get another in two-thirds of the Uprising.

(RA) And their opponents, Ben Sampson & Giorgi Dolidze, the Uprising!

(Ben & Giorgi make their way down)

Bell sounds, match begins. These are two of the premier tag teams in the business today. This should be good. Looks like Ste is starting for the champions, and Ben is starting for the Uprising. Here we go.

Ben quickly delivers a low drop kick. Ben quickly goes to the rope jumps off delivering an elbow to his gut. He covers, 1, Ste kicks out.

Ben lifts him up and drags him to his corner and tags in Giorgi. Ben throws Ste Giorgi's way as Giorgi delivers a big right hand to Ste. Giorgi gets in as Ben gets out. Giorgi shoves him into the corner and starts delivering some shoulder thrusts.

He takes Ste and Irish Whips him into the other corner. Giorgi now runs full speed at him, but Ste gets out of the way in time. Ste now quickly gets to his corner and tags in Jason Savage.

Jason gets in and gets to the corner, where Giorgi is and pounds his face into the ring post. Jason pulls him away from there and lifts him up for a scoop slam. He covers, 1, 2, Giorgi kicks out.

Jason lifts him and drags him to the corner, but as he attempts to tag in Ste Giorgi nails him in the stomach. Then he delivers a cheap shot to Ste. Now he hits a DDT on Jason.

He gets to his corner and tags in Ben. Ben quickly runs in and covers Jason, 1, 2, Ste gets in and breaks it up.

Ben complaining to the referee now. That gave Jason the chance to tag in Ste and he does. Ben noticing though so he quickly hits a  vicious clothesline. Covers, 1, 2, Jason in there to break it up. 

Giorgi takes notice and gets in. He kicks Jason in the gut and throws him out. Now he dives out and hits a flying clothesline. Ben waits for Ste to turn around when he does Ben attempts to hit a big kick to the head, but Ste catches his leg. 

Ste tries to take advantage, but it's Ben who takes advantage hitting an Enzugiri. Ben goes to the top rope. He jumps and he hits is a Shooting Star. Ben covers, 1, 2, 3. Ben wins it!

(RA) Here our your winners and New Unified Tag Team Champions, Ben Sampson and Giorgi Dolidze.

(Ray) They tried and they succeeded. And their prize, the Tag Team Gold!

(Jeff) They truly are deserving!

(Ray) Raw will return after the break.(Ray) Welcome back to Monday Night Raw, everyone. Up next is a Texas Death Match!

(Jeff) My favorite match! These two are great athletes, but I think the high-flying Ryan Michael has the advantage.

(Ray) Hold your horses, Jeff. You are forgetting that Chris Browne is a former ITC Champion and and excellent athlete.

(Jeff) Got me there, but you forgot that Ryan Michael is a former champion too. World Champion to be exact.

(Ray) But his reign wasn't too long, now was it?

(Jeff) Ah, checkmate.

(RA) The following is a Texas Death Match. The rules are you must pin your opponent. After the pin the superstar that was pinned has to the count of 10 to get to his feet. If he doesn't, then the match is over, but if he does, then the match continues.

(Ryan Michael's music hits as he comes down to the ring)

(RA) Introducing first, Ryan Michael.

(Ray) This is the man who broke Shane and forced him to retire at The Bash. He really showed his true "dark side" that day. With all those chair shots, steps, etc.

(Jeff) How about that moonsault through the table?

(Ray) Oh yeah.

(Chris Browne enters)

(RA) And his opponent, Chris Browne.

(Jeff) Well, he is having a bad week. He lost not one, but two matches at The Bash.

(Ray) Each losing him a prize.

(Jeff) That's right. One match lost him the ITC Championship and the other that MITB briefcase for Raw.

(Ray) So he'll be looking to redeem himself here tonight.

Bell rings and the match is on. Ryan and Chris lock up. Ryan is quick to throw Chris to the side. Ryan showing his power early on. Chris gets back up and once again locks up.

Chris takes Ryan and Irish whips him, and as Ryan is coming back, Chris delivers a low blow. Ryan is devastated over the pain. Chris covers, 1, 2, Ryan kicks out still holding the damaged area.

Chris leaves the ring. He goes looking for a chair. He finds it, slides back into the ring, and takes dead aim at Ryan.

He takes the chair and hits a low blow on Ryan with the steel chair. Chris covers, 1, 2, 3. Pinfall, but Ryan hasn't lost yet, if he gets up before the 10 count he's still in the match.

1, 2, 3, 4, Ryan starting to get to his feet, 5, 6, 7, Ryan is up and the match continues!

Chris hits Ryan with the chair again, this time on the head. He covers, 1, 2, Ryan rolls the shoulder.

Chris sees that the chair isn't working so he throws it away. He slides out and goes under the ring in search of something. He takes out a table and slides it into the ring. He gets in too.

He sets up the table. He goes over to Ryan, but Ryan was already waiting for him as he delivers a dropkick. Ryan now takes Chris and places him on the table. Ryan goes up on the rope.

He gets the crowd on their feet as he jumps off hitting a moonsault perfectly on Chris, breaking the table! Chris and Ryan both weak from that, but Ryan is able to get to the cover, 1, 2, 3.

Chris has to the count of ten. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, Chris showing signs of life, 8, 9, Chris just barely get up, Ryan can't believe it.

Ryan gets to Chris he takes him and scoop slams him. He quickly slides out grabs another table from under the ring and slides back in.

He puts it in one of the corners of the ring. He goes and gets Chris and Irish Whips him into the table. Now he runs right at him and hits the running wheel kick. He covers, 1, 2, Chris kicks out.

Ryan getting frustrated now. He takes Chris and he throws him out onto the announce table. Now he gets a running start and dives out onto the table, hitting Chris. They just stay there for a while until Ryan starts moving. He gets Chris and slides him back into the ring. He covers, 1, 2, Chris rolls the shoulder.

Ryan is tired as hell, but still has some energy left. He lifts Chris on top of his shoulders, but he slides off. He goes off the rope and when he turns around Chris hits the spear on Ryan. Here's the pin, 1, 2, 3.

Let the 10 count start. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, Ryan showing some fight left as he is trying to get to his feet, 7, 8, 9, somewhere around 9.5 Ryan gets up.

Chris in shock so Chris goes off the rope again attempting another spear, but Ryan gives him a kick to the mid section. And he sets up for his finisher, the Hell Raiser.

He hits it perfectly. Here's the cover, 1, 2, 3. Let the count begin. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, Chris attempts to get up, 8, 9, he's almost up, but he falls at the last moment, 10! It's done!

(RA) Here is your winner, Ryan Michael.

(Ray) Now didn't I call it?

(Jeff) Yeah, yeah, yeah. 

(Ray) *Chuckles* Well better luck next time.

(Jeff) *frowns*(Ray) Welcome back, everyone.

(Jeff) Up next, we have our WWE Raw Championship Match.

(Ray) That's right, it's Joe Burgett Vs Sulayman. Sulayman is cashing in his rematch clause.

(Jeff) I don't think he will be successful, though. Burgett is too good. Well, we'll see.

(Both men enter)

(RA) Introducing first, he is the current WWE Raw Champion, Joe Burgett. And his opponent, from the Uprising, Sulayman Hussein.

Bell sounds and it's on! Burgett starts it off with a clothesline right at the start of the match. Joe lifts him back to his feet only to clothesline him again. He covers, 1, Sulayman kicks out.

Joe Burgett lifts him to his feet and Irish Whips him. As Sulayman is coming off the rope Joe delivers a huge uppercut. Here is the cover, 1, Sulayman kicks out again.

Joe goes to the top rope and hits the flying elbow. Another pin, 1, 2, Sulayman kicks out.

Joe Burgett lifts him on his shoulder and hits the Jackhammer Slam. Now he is just kicking away at Sulayman. Finally the referee stops it. Joe shoves Sulayman in the corner chokes him against the ring post. Referee starts counting, 1, 2, 3, 4, Joe breaks it up as he doesn't wanna get DQed.

Joe now comes off the rope and delivers a huge boot to the jaw of Sulayman. He covers, 1, 2, Sulayman rolls the shoulder.

Joe lifts him back to his feet again. Sulayman manages to get a good right hand in which manages to buy him some time. Joe shoves Sulayman right into the referee. Here come the New Tag Team Champions Ben and Giorgi out of the crowd. Both of them are holding steel chairs.

They get in at the same time, he manages to defend himself against Giorgi, but can't hold off Ben. Ben hits three chair shots on Burgett, all to the head. Ben and Giorgi notice the referee coming to so they both get out of the ring. Sulayman covers Joe, 1, 2, Joe rolls the shoulder.

Sulayman gets him to his feet and hits a DDT. Pins, 1, 2, Joe rolls the shoulder again.

Sulayman now just hitting a few rights and lefts. He shoves Joe into the ropes, but when Joe comes back he hits a amazing spear! He covers, 1, 2, Sulayman kicks out.

Joe quickly up and gets Sulayman with him. He tries to set up for the Saving Grace, but instead Sulayman hits a Piledriver, 1, 2, Joe amazingly rolls the shoulder. 

Sulayman did not see that coming so he lifts him up, but right away Joe hits a spinebuster. Joe lifts him up onto his shoulder and hits a running power slam.

Joe now sets up for the Saving Grace and he hits up perfectly! He covers, 1, 2, 3. Joe wins the match.

(RA) Here is your winner and still WWE Raw Champion, Joe Burgett.

(Ray) In the end Joe was too much for the Uprising's leader.

(Jeff) Haha, now it's 1-1 for predicting. What do you say for Captain Charisma Vs The Hacker?

(Ray) I say I'm going to get it right!(Jeff) Welcome back to Raw everyone. We have had great matches tonight, including that Texas Death Match. 

(Ray) Oh yeah, and the WWE Raw Championship Match was also a good one. Now Sulayman just has to hope that Joe loses the title.

(Jeff) He doesn't have to hope; he can just interfere with the match and have the other guy win.

(Ray) I wouldn't put it past him to do that.

(Jeff) Up next we get to see our European Champion, Shockwave in action.

(Ray) Against Connor Green (says it in a not too happy voice)

(Jeff) Ah yes, Connor the man who...

(Ray) Don't go there.

(Jeff) I was just gonna say "won the MITB briefcase for Raw."

(Ray) Oh, never mind then.

(Jeff) Anyway, here they come now.

(Connor enters first showing off that briefcase to everyone, including Mr. Bogusz himself)

(Shockwave comes to the ring flashing the gold around his waist)

Bell sounds to kick off this match. Connor looks over at the European Championship then looks back at Shockwave and he's ready to start. They lock up, Connor switches that into a sleeper and starts using it on Shockwave.

Shockwave quick to get out of it though as he monkey flips Connor of of him. Shockwave now looks out to the crowd and then he looks at Connor.

He goes to the rope and looks at Connor to make sure he's still down on the mat. He jumps off hitting the Shockwave Incoming. Here's the pin, 1, 2, Connor kicks out.

Shockwave lifts him up to his feet. Shockwave goes off the rope looking to hit a senton, but instead falls painfully on the mat. Connor quick to take advantage, he goes off the rope and hits a big stomp.

Now he just stomps on his arms and legs. Connor lifts him to his feet, he looks at Shockwave and just laughs, which is followed by a big slap from Connor. That takes Shockwave off his feet. Here's the cover, 1, 2, Shockwave kicks out.

Connor lifts his opponent back to his feet. He Irish Whips him, but instead of that playing to Connor's advantage it played to Shockwave's as he hit a low dropkick coming back off the rope.

Shockwave gets to his feet and goes to the top rope looking to excite the crowd once more. He jumps and hits the LLL. He covers, 1, 2, unbelievably Connor kicks out!

Shockwave can't believe it. He's going mad. He gets outside the ring he grabs a chair and he brings it into the ring. He waits for Connor to get up and he nails him with the chair. It's over, Shockwave is Disqualified.

He doesn't care though he's still hitting away. Now he lifts him up and he hits the Biohazard on him. Shockwave is leaving the ring with a smug look on his face.

(Ray) That look sickens me!

(Jeff) Well he's leaving, so you won't have to see it anymore.

(Ray) But what we will see next is a Champion vs. Champion Match.

(Jeff) And there's more, it's a First Blood Match!

(Ray) Oh, this is gonna be great!


(Interviewer) I am here with the New ITC Champion, Captain Charisma. Well you are having a good career here on Raw. Just last night you won the ITC Championship pinning the man who seems to be your biggest rival here, Connor Green. How good did that make you feel?

(CC) Oh, very. To pin Raw's pain in the ass, Connor Green, felt great. Man this guy is nothing but hype. He can't wrestle. I proved that at The Bash!

I beat him like he was nothing, oh wait it's kinda too late for that because he already is nothing.

(Interviewer) What about Chris Browne?

(CC) Despite the attack on me, he's all right. He's a much better wrestler than that wannabe Connor Green. 

(Interviewer) And finally what are your thoughts on your opponent tonight?

(CC) Despite being the World Heavyweight Champion, the man can't wrestle. He's a coward who attacks people from behind to weaken them and then beats them down in the ring.

(Lights go off and on as The Hacker appears in front of Captain)

(Hacker) Are you happy Captain? I'm not behind; I'm in front of you. I do not need this title to know I'm better than you and everyone else here. None of you here can wrestle.

A two-year-old girl could probably beat anyone here. I am the only pure wrestler around here.

I have a track record to prove it. I might be the Hacker, but I am not the one Hacking the business and filling it with viruses. I am the only pure file around here, the rest of you are infected. Tonight Captain, you get Hacked!

(Hacker disappears)

(Interviewer) Comments?

(CC) He's going down!


(RA) The following contest is scheduled a First Blood Match. Once you can get your opponent to bleed you win the match. Introducing first...

(Hacker appears beside the referee)

(RA) he is the World Champion, The Hacker! And his opponent, he is the ITC Champion, Captain Charisma!

(Jeff) Well the two exchange looks. Both men won their titles at The Bash and both men are rising fast here in the WWE. 

(Ray) And both will likely be bloody at the end of the match.

(Jeff) Yup. 

Here we go! Bell sounds as the match begins. Hacker slides out of the ring right away. Captain goes after him right away, but as Captain is trying to exit the ring Hacker hits a dropkick.

He takes Captain and throws him right into the ring post. That certainly rattled Captain. He gets him back to his feet and throws him into the safety wall.

Now he goes back into the ring and he goes to the top rope. He dives off, but Captain gets out of the way resulting in Hacker crashing right into the safety wall.

Captain is still hurt, but now the Hacker is too. Captain gets Hacker and throws him onto the announce table. He starts pounding him on the table. Now he gets up there himself and starts kicking away. He stops and lifts him up to his feet.

He hits the Impaler DDT on the table. He then goes back into the ring and onto the rope. He dives off and unlike Hacker, he hits his mark.

Captain checks out Hacker and once he sees he is not bleeding he shoves him back down onto the table. He gets off the table goes and gets the steps and goes back to the table.

He gets back onto the table with the steps, but before he uses them he takes a look at Hacker and laughs. Big mistake because when he got close Hacker got his hand around the neck of Captain Charisma which let Hacker start choking him.

Now Hacker gets to his feet with his hand still around Hacker's neck. Now he lifts him up and chokeslams him into the chairs beside the table. Hacker now takes the steps himself and throws them on top of Captain Charisma.

He now gets in there to check out what shape Captain is in. He sees the Captain has yet to bleed so he gets a chair beside him and takes some shots at his head.

Seeing he is still not bleeding he gets him back into the ring. He does not get in the ring though. He goes looking under the ring for something. He pulls out a ladder and slides it into the ring.

He gets in, but Captain was ready for him as he hits him with a DDT right on top of the ladder. He takes the Hacker now and brings him to his feet. He also brings the ladder up from the ground.

He turns his attention back to the Hacker. He knows the only way for him to win this match is to get the Hacker to bleed. And the only way he can do that is to unmask the man. So that's exactly what he's going to do.

He's lifting the mask off, and who is wait, wait, no Hacker gives him a kick to the gut. Hacker pulls his mask, back down and continues the fight against Captain. Now he looks at the ladder and then at Captain.

So he goes to the ladder and gets it and brings it beside him. He takes Captain and Irish Whips he now takes the ladder and as Captain is coming back he gets a ladder to the head, but it does not get him to bleed.

Hacker is shocked. He simply doesn't know what to do with this guy. He slides out and he gets a table from under the ring. He slides it into the ring, but as he is getting in he is attacked by Captain who delivers a big right hand which knocks Hacker down.

Now he dives out hitting a diving suicida on Hacker. Captain now needs to make Hacker bleed. Then he raises his head as if he was saying "I got it." He goes under the ring and pulls out a sledgehammer. Now he takes Hacker and slides him back in.

He drops the sledgehammer beside the Hacker. First he's going to go after the mask. He's pulling it off. Who will it be? It's, it's, it's Shreyash Dugar!

Unbelievable! Dugar was the one under the mask the whole time! Now Captain takes the sledgehammer and hits it on Dugar's head. Dugar is busted wide open. The match is over!

(RA) Here is your winner, The ITC Champion, Captain Charisma.

(Jeff) An unbelievable match and an even more unbelievable secret exposed!

(Connor Green's music hits)

(Jeff) It's Connor Green. What's he doing here?

(Ray) I think I know.

(Connor hands the case the to referee)

(RA) Ladies and gentleman, the following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the World Heavyweight Championship!

(Jeff) Whoa! I can't believe this!

Bell sounds and it's on. Connor gets to him quickly and he hits the Green Mist. He covers, 1, 2, 3. It's over.

(RA) Here is your winner and New World Heavyweight Champion, Connor Green!

(Ray) Unbelievable! Connor is opportunistic, and now he is the new World Champ.

(Jeff) Thank you for tuning in, everyone. We'll see you next time!

The Season Is Over!         


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