Canucks Fans...Pray For Us.

daniel lockwoodContributor IJuly 10, 2009

VANCOUVER, CANADA - JANUARY 11:  A fan shows off his painted body as he cheers prior to the start of the Vancouver Canucks and Minnesota Wild game at General Motors Place on January 11, 2007 in Vancouver, Canada.  (Photo by Jeff Vinnick/Getty Images)

When the spinning wheel gave the Vancouver Canucks Dalle Tallon and not Gilbert Perrault, it was only the start.

The start of some drafts that were suspect.  The start of a sense of frustration with the hockey gods.  

We have so many times to consider, I won't regale you with a tale of woe.  From those suspect drafts, to just "if we didn't have bad luck, we wouldn't have any at all", Canuck fans can entertain all puck fans with intimate details of woe.  From '94 to Big Bert', Peplinski kickin' it in...(fr!&&en Nathan Lafayette and that post!).

But we still go on believing.  Selling it out more than 350 times straight and counting.  Buying every new jersey.  And there have been a few.

Why?   That's the question.  There was a time where the Canucks, as well as the other Cdn. teams, were struggling.  A .65 dollar will do that. Empty seats and threats of moving.

Even then we had hope.  Burke and Son did their jobs well, and they helped.

But there was still things like having "that" team just a few years ago.Then "The Bert" lost his mind...and it all went away.  Canuck fans shook their fists at the sky.  

Now, with 0 Cups and 2 Finals, there are other teams that have better comparable records.  But even the bad teams in Vancouver played hard, most the time.  Tried to entertain at home.  Usually succeeded.

We take the small victories and hope for the big ones.  We follow the team with a zeal so intense that when Jordan Schroeder went out for dinner in visiting the city for the very first time, the bartender not only knew his stats, teammates and WJC record, he had info on his new teammates and line combos.  Yes...we are sick.

Other fans may take shots.  We sit here in this beautiful city.  We think of our team with the current and upcoming roster, and we KNOW it will get better.  Not just, as the slogan says, "We Are All Canucks"...

But because we know our hockey, we can see that Gillis has a plan.  The talent and character of the new guys.

But hey, who knows?  In another week he could trade for some unnamed D'man and we will all be saying "What the...?  He's a bum.  Baahh...why didn't he get...???"

Pray for us...we need help!