Hot Mics Catch Jon Jones Say to Daniel Cormier 'I Would Literally Kill You'

Steven RondinaFeatured ColumnistAugust 8, 2014

Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier may have had one of the biggest out-of-the-cage brawls in MMA history earlier this week, but the intensity level was still high long after. While Jones and Cormier kept things oddly calm when they appeared later on ESPN's SportsCenter, when the cameras were seemingly turned off, they immediately picked up where they left off.

Luckily for fans and media, though, the cameras were still rolling, and boy did they still have a whole lot to say to each other.

In a leaked video (with very NSFW audio), the UFC light heavyweight champ immediately barbs Cormier after their segment ends, asking Cormier, "Hey, p----y, are you still there?" They continue from there, with Cormier eventually saying he wishes he could "spit in [Jones'] face," which prompts Jones to say "You know I would absolutely kill you if you did something like that, right? ... I would literally kill you." (NSFW), which is hosting the video on its site at this time, transcribed the conversation:

Cormier: I wish they would let me next door so I can spit in your f-----g face.

Jones: You know I would absolutely kill you if you ever did something like that, right?

Cormier: You could never kill me.

Jones: Oh, I bet you I could.

Cormier: Then you should try, Jon. You really should try, Jon.

Jones: I will literally kill you if you spit in my face. Literally kill you.

Cormier: Let’s try that, Jon.

Jones: I’m not saying I would fight you. I said I would kill you if you do some silly s--t like that.

Once again, this seemingly came seconds after a SportsCenter interview where Jones was soft-spoken and apologetic. The immediate turn from the "professional" Jones to the angry, bitter Jones that has been behind countless barbs and slights on Instagram and Twitter (most of which get immediately deleted) is, as Cormier said, impressive.

Still, this adds even more heat to what was an already huge championship bout. Jones' utter dominance in the cage has led many to label him among the greatest fighters in MMA history, but he has been just a modest draw on pay-per-view and the box office. The honest-to-goodness vitriol between the two has made the fight with Cormier quite possibly the most anticipated of Jones' career.

Jones and Cormier will fight at UFC 178 on Sept. 27 in Las Vegas. Stick with Bleacher Report for more news on the event, and this ugly rivalry, as they become available.

[Video via MMA Fighting]