Forgive But Don't Glorify Them!

Ethel Lair@twittel1Contributor IJuly 10, 2009

BALTIMORE - 2007:  Steve McNair of the Baltimore Ravens poses for his 2007 NFL headshot at photo day in Baltimore, Maryland.  (Photo by Getty Images)

FORGIVE? Yes, we can and should forgive those hero's of sports, celebrities and other well known people from all their wrong doings or as I call them sins!

Should we forget the good they have done? No, none of us are without sin or some things we should or should not be doing in life.

To quote the Good Book (as the Bible is called) to the woman caught in sin, "Let the one who is without sin cast the first stone". Stoning to death for that sin was the penalty in those days.

So, we can't judge those fallen hero's without first judging ourselves. It also says before we try to remove the mote out of someone's eye remove the moat from your own eye.

However, the same Good Book says (found in Romans chapter 6 verse 23) that "The wages of sin are death(without repentance), but the gift of God is eternal life through Christ Jesus". 

So, the creator of life forgives them if they ask for forgiveness and we are told that it is not a choice to be forgiven ourselves we must forgive others.

You see, those who do things like commit adultery or murder (DUI manslaughter is the same as murder by the way) must ask forgiveness, repent and turn from those things.

We need to forgive them even if they did not ask forgiveness of us or others they have harmed. We are not to judge them. Only the creator can judge them not others.

To wrap up the forgiveness part of this article they were wrong and need to ask forgiveness first of the creator and then of those they have wronged.

If, they have not they will face the consequences of their sins. Sometimes this leads to physical death, but always will lead to spiritual death and danger of not being in Heaven.

Please remember what I have written and continue to write are my opinions but based on the truth I know it to be.

Now, let's look at the other side of this article. We covered forgiveness and stated the person needed to ask forgiveness of all and we must forgive to be forgiven ourselves.

Next, let's look at what many do in regards to what some of these hero's in sports and other walks of life who have committed not just sin, but in many cases criminal acts.

How many times do those who are in the "Star" or hero category forgiven of their sins and crimes when everyday people like you or I get full penalties the law allows?

For example if someone is convicted of manslaughter because of DUI get a few days in jail and a fine.

Just a slap on the wrist for the crime they have committed when someone has died. It is not called murder, but a life was taken out just the same.

When someone takes a life of another because they were driving drunk that is still murder and should carry the same penalty.

The penalty for manslaughter (murder) because of a person's DUI should be much harsher, but some that are "more important" many times literally get away with murder.

We tend to eulogize those who die as a result of their own wrong doings & make them seem like they did nothing wrong!

Yes, you can remember the good they did, but don't Glorify them so much others think what they did is not so bad.

True, others make the same mistakes in life and they may also get away with it so to speak.

Yet, with those heroes of sports, etc we tend to make it seem like they did nothing wrong at all. Thus I call it "Glorifying" their sin or wrong doings and even crimes.

Just because we need them on the playing filed or on the screens of our theaters, etc. is not a reason to just forget what they have done like it was nothing.

I think those that are most at risk from them not having to face the penalties everyone else would are our children and youth who idolize them.

We are sending a wrong message to our children, youth and even adults who follow and idolize these people by their not receiving just punishment or consequences for their wrongs.

I feel very bad for the wives, children, family and friends of men like Steve McNair and Mr. Stallworth, etc as they too are victims like the one killed as a result of the DUI or other wrong doings or crimes.

Let's end this on a more positive note, I am a person who likes to do that (be positive in a negative world).

We know we must forgive them and I know I do. Pray for those involved like the wife of Steve McNair to be able to truly forgive forget and move on with their lives.

We must try to learn from their mistakes. We must change things when and where we can even if it means to change the laws of the land!

We must send the message more clearly that it is wrong to drink and drive. We must let them know that if you kill some one while driving drunk you will be justly punished.

We need as the public to forgive those that have done wrong, but we need to make it known we do not condone what they have done. 

I pray that those who died find peace in eternity having ask forgiveness before time and those still alive change their ways so they don't repeat the same mistakes.

May all those that are the victims of their wrong doings or crimes find peace knowing we all care and want to do what we can to see these things don't happen again.

May those hurt by their actions, family, friends, and fans like us  know that those involved will be FORGIVEN, but their actions will not be GLORIFIED!

God bless all those who mourn and may He that is the only true comforter comfort their hearts and souls. Let them know we love and support them.

Let us pray those who are still here that they will change & those who have died will truly have been forgiven.

We will remember all the good they have done, but also must acknowledge what they did was wrong. Let us all do our part to stop these things from happening again.

Maybe just being a friend so that others can come to us just to talk.

When we see friends drunk don't let them drive if we can help it.

When we see others committing things that are bad and can lead to further trouble and even death let's speak up and tell them (those close to us) before it's too late!

Don't be afraid to lose them as a friend by not speaking up when we see them doing wrong.

So, in conclusion let us love them, FORGIVE them, not forget the good things they did. However, let's not GLORIFY their actions by not saying it was wrong! 

May you see in this article, in a way, we all have a part when one of our fellow brothers and sisters fall.

We need to as the Good Book says, Restore those who have fallen when we can.

We truly are our brothers keeper in the fact that we need to reach out to others and try to change the way our world looks at things.

We need to stop and think ourselves lest we too make the same mistakes. None of us are immured to error or sin in our lives. Forgive but do not Glorify the sin!