Post-Deadline Moves the San Francisco Giants Could Still Make

Jasper SchererAnalyst IIAugust 6, 2014

SAN FRANCISCO - OCTOBER 13:  San Francisco Giants general manager Brian Sabean sits in the stands during a workout session in preparation for the National League Championship Series at AT&T Park on October 13, 2010 in San Francisco, California.  (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

If the general manager is happy, everyone else should be too, right?

Giants GM Brian Sabean told the San Francisco Chronicle's John Shea that he's OK with the team's laid-back approach to the non-waiver trade deadline, citing other teams' unreasonable demands as his reason for standing pat.

"I’ve done this a long time, and I feel as good about not getting something done as any year we’ve done something,” Sabean said, via Shea's article.

That said, the Giants still have a bit of a hole at second base, thanks to the merry-go-round of replacement options failing to fill in over the course of the season.

Thankfully for the Giants, Sabean can still make a move through the waiver wire, and while the end of non-waiver trading generally signals the last of the major moves, the Giants might not need a blockbuster deal anyway. For now, rookie infielder Joe Panik, though inconsistent during his 26-game stint with the Giants, is likely the team's best bet to put out a replacement-level player at second base. He's also hitting the ball a bit better lately, with five hits in his last nine at-bats.

But even so, it pays to have an established player during the thick of the playoff race, and the Giants could look at Chase Utley, who the Phillies placed on waivers following the deadline.

Utley, who has spoken about his intent to invoke his 10/5 rights (which would allow him to veto any trade), has been been linked to the Giants throughout the past month, and the Phillies have indeed made him available.

Future teammates?
Future teammates?Hunter Martin/Getty Images

The Giants have also come up in Alex Rios trade rumors recently, and the Rangers placed their outfielder on revocable trade waivers on Tuesday. Though Rios' large contract and the Giants' already established outfield could impede any type of deal, it's worth noting the Giants farm system is particularly lacking in outfielders at the higher levels.

Plus, as the San Francisco Chronicle's Henry Schulman tweeted, left fielder Michael Morse really just had two good months, and he's fallen off considerably (two home runs since June 6), which could make Rios a welcome upgrade.

Perhaps just as importantly, the Giants can also block the Dodgers from picking up players off the waiver wire as long as they remain behind Los Angeles in the standings. That's a significant factor, and it often comes into play at this time of year, particularly with such a small gap (2.5 games) between the two teams.

So yes, the Giants may have been OK not making a move at the deadline. The saying goes that not making a trade is better than making a bad trade, and the team can certainly still add talent to plug its holes.

Perhaps Sabean was right after all. The man helped the Giants win a pair of World Series titles...maybe he's onto something.