Atlanta WR Harry Douglas Shows off His Women's Deodorant on 'Hard Knocks'

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterAugust 6, 2014

@MichaelS, TBL

A crisp underarm is the cornerstone to success, which is why Harry Douglas chooses the only stick strong enough for an NFL athlete: women’s deodorant. 

Sorry, I was just working on my pitch for the inevitable Lady Speed Stick commercial Douglas will be shooting after his ringing endorsement for women’s antiperspirant on Tuesday’s Hard Knocks. 

Douglas took the HBO camera crew on a tour of his room at the Falcons camp, showing off the many fine amenities he kept stocked in his bathroom.

Among his precious toiletries rested a stick of women’s deodorant, which Douglas seemed especially proud of.

The Big Lead’s Michael Shamburger took a Vine of the moment. May it forever live in your heart.

“Don’t judge me, but I use women’s deodorant,” Douglas said. “It keeps me fresh. I just love the way it smells.” 

I understand, Douglas.

As a man who has found himself stranded without deodorant in a woman’s residence, I can report that I’ve used women’s deodorant in a pinch, and the world didn’t come to a floral-scented end. 

Unlike Brut, which leaves you smelling like a sweaty minotaur, women’s deodorant does its job without punching ever nearby life form in the face. I wouldn’t wear it every day, but I get where the man is coming from. 

Do you, Douglas. Don’t keep your stick of Secret a secret.


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