UFL Makes an Important Change to Satisfy This Fan

David WyattAnalyst IMarch 23, 2017

The UFL recently released their rule changes for the new season. When I say changes, I of course mean changes from the NFL or the XFL.

I don't want to discuss them in general. There are some that are excellent, some good, some questionable.

However, there is one rule change that delighted me when I saw it.

In my opinion, the NFL is flawed in just one way, that being its overtime: a sudden death, first team to score wins system. In my opinion it's just not fair that a game is decided basically on the flip of a coin. One game lost on behalf of the coin could cost a playoff berth.

I know that some would say that your defence has a fair chance to stop the offence and get the ball back for you. However, if you are an offensive team that clocks victories through offense, then it's hardly fair.

The UFL announced that instead of this, they would enact their overtime in a similar fashion to NCAA rules. Each team will be given one possession. It's a fair chance for each team to win and lose the game. Offences get the chance and defences get the chance. It's completely fair, and the team that wins deserves to win.

This for me is the best rule change that separates the UFL and the NFL. Sometimes it works for you, and some times it works against you. Some people would say, well, it evens out in the long run. I personally believe that's simply not the truth. I could go back and do a lot of research into overtime results based on first possession, and I would probably come up with teams who have struggled.

I still hold hope that someday the NFL will follow the NCAA and the UFL's example and change their overtime rule. Will it happen—who knows? I doubt it will happen anytime soon. I'm sure you can find some people who enjoy the NFL overtime system; however, personally speaking I cannot stand it.

So congratulations to Dennis Green and the UFL's competition committee for making this specific change from the NFL.