Manchester City: Uncertainty Returns to Eastlands

Peter WrightAnalyst IMay 5, 2008

As Manchester City supporters we've done everything we can to support Sven and make it known that we want him as boss however, it still looks as though our next match at the Riverside will symbol Sven's final match as manager of our club. After that it will be time to move on and see just what the future brings.

We will see a new manager and new players again this summer and next season and when all is said and done we can't afford to sit and lament the past. We will need to back our new boss and players (unless that new boss is Steve McClaren).

Manchester City will always be here whether Sven is there or not. Our allegiance lies with our club. I am as much against the sacking of Sven as anyone, I believe we will have to move on.

I had been thinking about a few things in the last few days and there have been a few similarities to this season and last. While we haven't been in a relegation battle, what have we done in the second half of this season?

Sure we've scored goals at home but, have we been winning? We've let matches slip away, we have not had a solid attack... or really any attack.

We lost or drew against clubs that we had no business losing points to. A draw at Derby, one point against Fulham all season, poor results against Wigan. Losses to Birmingham and Reading.

Yes we pulled off the Derby Double, but what else have we done this season? We reached the goal of a top 10 finish, but to stumble in the second half of the season the way we did was a "typical City" event.

We lacked a killer instinct this season and if we have ANY ambition of breaking through and going to the Champions League, changes need to be made.

I would like to see Sven given another season, but the chairman has shown us that he will not tolerate failure and will not tolerate collapses like we have seen this season.

If we have any ambition collapses can NOT happen.

If we want to go to Europe... these results need to change...

Chelsea 6-0 City
City 0-2 Chelsea
Arsenal 2-0 City
City 1-3 Arsenal
Derby 1-1 City
Fulham 3-3 City
City 2-3 Fulham
Birmingham 3-1 City
Reading 2-0 City
Wigan 0-0 City
City 1-1 Wigan

Everton doubling us didn't help either...

Now losses to the "Big Four" will happen, but outside of the Derby, we took one point.

If Sven somehow stays... those results MUST change.

Whoever our manager is next season MUST make up those lost points to have any chance of of success in climbing up the table.