Steven Gerrard: Captain Fantastic Puts Rivals In Humiliation

KabeeR JoshiCorrespondent IJuly 9, 2009

Stevie G, signing a four year deal worth more than £130,000 a week, has not only shown his commitment, but also ended the rise of any speculation about his future with Liverpool Football Club.

As a fan of this Beautiful Game, this may not sound so important or in other words the fans in the world know that he was not going anywhere. However, it has got a lot more other sense into it.

Captain Fantastic has ended every disbelief in others' minds about his future, and that is the biggest relief for the club like Liverpool size, and the manager of the club unlike other Londoner captain's, namely John Terry for Chelsea and Cesc Fabregas for Arsenal, who could not stop rising the speculation about their future and commitment at their respective clubs.

Steven is so matured that he understands the most important thing is, to keep hold on to the star players, commitment from himself, than to chase after the blah blah world class striker from blah blah club in Spain and Italy for blah blah amount. 

Signing his contract with no fuss or no "media attention" puts the biggest example for Terry and Fabregas that why he is called Mr. Liverpool or a one club player.

Gerrard's simple and honest approach has put Liverpool in a very good position before the big kick-off, adding into it Benayoun, Torres, Kuyt, Agger and most importantly Rafa signing their commitments to the club.

All Liverpool need is just the touch up in striker's role or preferably a winger's role, and they are set to make things difficult for the devils to retain their trophy.

Now, in London, John Terry wants a showdown with club's multi-millionaire owner Abramovich, and the latter to explain why they did not feel like having a word with John, when Manchester City had bid twice for the captain.

For a captain of the club like Chelsea, instead of asking for the explanation, he should have come out in public and said he is a true blue and he does not anticipate to go anywhere for any billions of dollars.

The same applies for the Gunner's captain Cesc Fabregas. He, according to me, is not so prepared to say that he wants to stay with Arsenal, the west Londoners, for long time.

Arsene Wenger is the perfect manager for the team like Arsenal where he has been building the team for few years now. Also these speculations creates doubts not only in the manager's mind, also in their wide fan base, and the mental status of the other players. 

It is the tabloids job to create the unnecessary fuss to shake things up a little bit, to sell more. But if the so called captains do not answer against their transfer bids, and rumours to their managers, it also confuses the manager.

The manager is in no man's land to think about the situation. Whether he should look for the replacement or he should just continue doing what he does?

The commitments from the captains of respective teams is such a boost for the players, who are joining or who have joined recently. It is a whole Neurological science, which reflects the players' understanding towards the club and to understand where the club is heading in future. It is a massive psychological impact on the players' mind than it appears to the common layman. 

Just imagine clubs like Chelsea, who are running after Ribery and xyz players to sign up or buy this summer in one hand, and on the other hand their captain wants to have a talk about his contract with the owner.

Hats off to Steven Gerrard, firstly for not choosing Chelsea for money few years back, and to pen down his life to the Club. Aren't these the reasons why no Terrys and Fabregases on this planet can be compared with our captain fantastic?

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