Hunting Dog Name Game

John ZaktanskyCorrespondent IJuly 9, 2009

I have just come to realize that the hardest thing in the world to do is name a bird dog puppy.

There is too much pressure. Man's best friend deserves man's best name, right?

Of course, this coming from a guy who was diagnosed by his dentist as having Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.

My family has a litter of Brittanys, the last out of my super-solid hunting companion JDZ Shotgun Shell.

She kept my original line open the one I started when I was a boy with JDZ Silver Bullet. We are keeping an orange and white female puppy, and are excited about her potential.

But what if we choose the wrong name? Will she be limited in some way?

I don't remember things being so complicated when I named Bullet and Shell. Even when my wife and I finally chose to name our daughter Paige, it felt right from the start.

Why can't it be so easy to name this puppy?

I want to stick with the gun/shooting/hunting-related call names. My son suggested Sniper. My wife prefers Winnie (short for Winchester) or Remmy (short for Remington).

I just want to find the perfect call name that isn't going to scar the puppy for life when I'm calling it off the scent of a rabbit or deer, one that won't lead to family tension each time we have to call the puppy in from the yard.

Some say that naming any pet is tough, but that is hogwash.  Have a cat, you have everything from Felix to Fluffy.  An ordinary dog that you don't use for hunting? Fido, Rex, etc.

But a hunting dog is different. It needs a tough name. It needs a name that jingles when you yell it out loud, a name that won't be misinterpreted when you need to yell it out loud in public (like Axle). Anyone who has any decency wouldn't name their bird dog Muffin (another cat name) or FooFoo (strictly for bunnies).

So, here I sit spinning wheels, pondering names, and using search engines to look up shooting/hunting terms. Hoping that with the next click of my mouse, the perfect name will appear. One that doesn't leave our puppy with self-image issues and keeps the homeplace in order. The pressure.

Did I mention my dentist thinks I have OCD?