Wrestlenomics: Updated 2014 WWE Win-Loss Analysis Through Aug. 5

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Wrestlenomics: Updated 2014 WWE Win-Loss Analysis Through Aug. 5
Jonathan Bachman/Associated Press

Periodically, we'll be taking a look at the wrestlenomics of WWE. Wrestlenomics is a term that I've coined that encompasses a statistical analysis of professional wrestling.

There's an emphasis on win-loss records, television appearances, feuds and place on the card. While pro wrestling has predetermined outcomes, there's still a lot we can learn about who is and is not being pushed in the current product by looking at wrestlenomics metrics.

Thus far, WWE has held about 210 live events (this includes NXT shows). There has already been almost 1,900 WWE/NXT matches this year. Less than half of the matches (835 by my count) have been aired or have been taped for future broadcast. Around 70 percent of these taped matches are singles matches held just between two competitors.

Note: Since this article represents up-to-date records for wrestlers, it may contain spoilers for results of shows that have been taped but have not yet aired. Please proceed accordingly!

Most Matches (70+ WWE Matches)

Most WWE Matches (Jan. 1 to Aug. 5, 2014)
Wrestler YTD Matches Singles Tag Overall Record Win Percentage
Cesaro 129 79 47 53-75-1 41%
Ryback 120 27 91 18-101-1 15%
Curtis Axel 119 25 93 20-98-1 17%
Bray Wyatt 117 63 51 38-79-0 32%
Roman Reigns 115 37 63 86-25-4 77%
Seth Rollins 112 27 73 64-44-4 59%
Dean Ambrose 111 36 64 81-27-3 75%
Jack Swagger 111 62 48 18-92-1 16%
Alberto Del Rio 110 99 7 31-78-1 28%
Sheamus 110 88 19 93-16-1 85%
Jey Uso 109 7 102 90-15-4 86%
Jimmy Uso 109 7 102 89-16-4 85%
Goldust 109 8 100 65-43-1 60%
Big E 108 85 22 74-33-1 69%
Dolph Ziggler 108 90 18 68-39-1 64%
Stardust 107 10 97 63-43-1 59%
Luke Harper 104 8 93 24-79-1 23%
Erick Rowan 103 7 93 24-78-1 24%
Damien Sandow 101 94 6 3-98-0 3%
Titus O'Neil 100 63 33 21-78-1 11%
John Cena 99 71 24 79-19-1 81%
Fandango 97 69 27 11-85-1 11%
Kofi Kingston 94 80 14 46-47-1 49%
Alicia Fox 94 38 53 13-81-0 14%
Randy Orton 93 68 20 26-62-5 30%
Rusev 89 86 1 84-4-1 95%
Bad News Barrett 74 65 7 57-15-2 79%
Kane 74 56 13 4-69-1 5%
Sin Cara 73 51 22 39-34-0 53%

Analysis by Chris Harrington based on data from CageMatch.net

  Astounding athletes:

  • Cesaro: With over 125 matches wrestled in 2014, Cesaro is in a class by himself. While winning the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal trophy at WrestleMania 30 (a pay-per-view where he wrestled two times) was a memorable feat, his year has been bittersweet. His team with Jack Swagger was never particularly successful (they won less than a fifth of their tag matches) and his singles partnership with Paul Heyman has already been disrupted. He's an exceptionally hardworking wrestler and hopefully we'll see the well-deserved spotlight shining on Cesaro during the fall and winter months.

  • RybAxel: The team of Ryback and Curtis Axel hasn't been particularly successful (they've only won about 13 percent of their matches) but they have been quite prolific with over 115 matches wrestled in 2014. If we ever see a face turn from the Wyatt Family, it's quite possible we could see Luke Harper and Erick Rowan feuding with these two for an extended period.

  • Wyatt Family: While Harper and Rowan have racked up respectable win-loss record for television competition (above 60 percent), they've been quite unsuccessful when the cameras weren't on (losing all 62 tag matches they've been in). Bray Wyatt has benefited from being in big feuds with John Cena and Chris Jericho and remains a very in-demand superstar (famously for being flown from Tokyo on July 11 to New York City on July 12 so he could headline both shows against John Cena).

  • Former Shield Members: All three "Hounds of Justice" have had breakout years. Seth Rollins is walking around with the Money in the Bank suitcase (when Dean Ambrose isn't jumping out of dark corners to beat him up) and Roman Reigns is being positioned as the heir apparent to John Cena. Interestingly, the year began on a different note. Back in January, they were losing in three-on-one handicap matches to CM Punk throughout the house show loop.

  • Usos: The twin sons of Rikishi have had a great year in the WWE. They've held the WWE Tag Team Championship for most of the year and successfully defended the belts against the relentless challengers.

Tag Team Records (20+ Tag Team Matches) 

Most WWE Tag Team Matches (Jan. 1 to Aug. 5)
Tag Team Tag Match Tag Record Winning Percentage
Jey Uso & Jimmy Uso 102 86-12-4 88%
Goldust & Stardust 97 59-37-1 61%
Erick Rowan & Luke Harper 93 21-71-1 23%
Curtis Axel & Ryback 91 12-79-0 13%
Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins 55 46-8-1 85%
Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins 54 40-13-1 75%
Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns 51 42-8-1 84%
Diego & Fernando 51 39-11-1 78%
Bray Wyatt & Luke Harper & Erick Rowan 44 13-31-0 30%
Cesaro & Jack Swagger 43 7-36-0 16%
Drew McIntyre & Jinder Mahal 43 0-42-1 0%
Aksana & Alicia Fox 37 3-34-0 8%
Brie Bella & Nikki Bella 34 33-1-0 97%
Konnor & Viktor (NXT) 27 23-4-0 85%
Cameron & Naomi 25 22-3-0 88%
Drew McIntyre & Heath Slater 25 1-24-0 4%
Diego & El Torito 23 23-0-0 100%

Analysis by Chris Harrington based on data from CageMatch.net

Unsurprisingly, the current Tag Team Champions are also the most prolific team. It's clear there's really only four tag teams left on the main roster for WWE: the Usos, Rhodes Brothers, Wyatt Family and RybAxel.

With Darren Young and Fernando injured, the Real Americans (Cesaro and Swagger) and the Shield broken up to singles action and two members of 3MB (Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre) fired, the only two teams left are Slater Gator (Heath Slater and Titus O'Neil) and NXT's Konnor and Viktor.

The company could certainly use some fresh blood to inject a little more variety into the tag team ranks.

Positioned at the Top (5+ TV Matches, Winning More Than Two-Thirds of TV matches)

Wrestlers winning TV matches (Jan. 1 to Aug. 5)
Wrestler TV Matches TV Record TV Winning Percentage
Adam Rose 27 25-2-0 93%
Rusev 34 29-4-1 88%
Paige 30 24-5-1 83%
Chris Jericho 7 5-1-1 83%
John Cena 29 23-5-1 82%
Brie Bella 12 9-2-1 82%
Seth Rollins 40 29-7-4 81%
The Big Show 14 11-3-0 79%
Roman Reigns 41 29-8-4 78%
El Torito 13 10-3-0 77%
Naomi 24 18-6-0 75%
Jey Uso 52 35-13-4 73%
Big E 48 34-13-1 72%
Daniel Bryan 27 18-7-2 72%
Jimmy Uso 53 35-14-4 71%
Sheamus 56 39-16-1 71%
Bad News Barrett 24 15-7-2 68%
Dean Ambrose 42 26-13-3 67%
Bo Dallas 31 20-10-1 67%

Analysis by Chris Harrington based on data from CageMatch.net

Brightest stars:

  • Adam Rose: The transformation of the South African wrestler from stuck-in-developmental purgatory Leo Kruger to Exotic Express Adam Rose has been fascinating to observe. Rose's only losses this year have been on yet-to-air episodes of NXT. However, with his many appearances on WWE Superstars (beating the likes of Heath Slater and Titus O'Neil), it's clear that while Rose is being protected in booking, he's certainly not being treated as a main event star.

  • Rusev: The Bulgarian Brute is another welcome new face on WWE television. The losses on his record stem from DQ losses (to Adrian Neville on NXT, Roman Reigns on SmackDown and Jack Swagger on Main Event) and a NXT tag match from January. With a singles match booked for SummerSlam and him regularly winning three-minute squash matches, it's evident that he's being protected as a potential top star.

  • Paige: The "anti-Diva" Paige burst onto the main roster with her upset championship win over AJ Lee. The young star (she's only 21 years old) comes from a respected English wrestling family and continues to elevate women's wrestling in the WWE. She's got a bright future.

  • John Cena: Cena remains the foundation for the WWE. In this year where Daniel Bryan is out with his neck injury and CM Punk has walked away from the game, he remains the constant force holding things together. His feud with Brock Lesnar is certainly positioned as the main event draw for SummerSlam. Still the largest seller of WWE merchandise, as long as he can physically hold up, he'll stay front and center as the face of the WWE.

  • The Big Show: At 42 years old, it's always a question of how much longer the Big Show will continue to perform in the WWE. He's been doing house show loops (most recently doing singles matches with Cesaro and tag matches alongside Seth Rollins), but hasn't wrestled on WWE television since facing Randy Orton on SmackDown in early June. Perhaps this time off camera will give him a chance to freshen up his character before he's inevitably reinserted into the main event picture.

  • Bo Dallas: After an aborted debut in 2013 at the Royal Rumble, Bo Dallas' 2014 re-entry on WWE television has gone smoothly. Until recently, his only losses were on NXT television, though his recent feud with R-Truth officially ended his winning streak. With his insecure but charming ways, Bo Dallas has established himself as a talented midcard heel that can both wrestle and do comedy. While this isn't necessarily the pedigree of a main eventer, a welcome addition to the overall WWE roster.


Damien Sandow

Prominent Television Jobbers (5+ TV Matches, Won Less Than a Third of TV Matches)

Wrestlers losing TV matches (Jan. 1 to Aug. 5)
Wrestler TV matches TV Record TV Winning Percentage
Jinder Mahal 23 0-21-2 0%
Drew McIntyre 28 1-25-2 4%
Damien Sandow 35 3-32-0 9%
Zack Ryder 9 1-8-0 11%
Justin Gabriel 8 1-7-0 13%
Kane 22 3-18-1 14%
Xavier Woods 27 4-22-1 15%
Hornswoggle 6 1-5-0 17%
Brodus Clay 5 1-4-0 20%
Fandango 40 8-31-1 21%
Titus O'Neil 40 9-30-1 23%
Alicia Fox 33 8-25-0 24%
Aksana 17 4-13-0 24%
Summer Rae 25 6-18-1 25%
R-Truth 27 7-20-0 26%
Heath Slater 24 6-17-1 26%
Curtis Axel 55 15-39-1 28%
The Road Dogg 15 4-10-1 29%
Billy Gunn 15 4-10-1 29%
Rey Mysterio 13 4-9-0 31%
Jack Swagger 51 16-34-1 32%
Tamina Snuka 22 7-15-0 32%

Analysis by Chris Harrington based on data from CageMatch.net

Biggest jobbers:

  • Damien Sandow: Sandow's 2014 overall record is an abysmal three wins and 95 losses. Sandow did manage to defeat Sin Cara (twice, once on WWE Superstars and once on Main Event) and also conquered R-Truth during a London Main Event taping in May. He's maintained a steady television presence (losing 14 Raw matches, nine SmackDown matches) while blossoming into one of WWE's favorite comedic figures. With the retirement of Santino, Sandow is certainly the go-to guy whenever WWE has a segment they need to fill with a goof.

  • KanePositioned as a main event heel, Kane continues to give it his all. After nearly 20 years with the company, it's amazing that the Big Red Machine can continue to survive the weekly wear and tear of touring as an active WWE superstar. But he is a lousy tag team partner. For instance, Kane hasn't won a single tag match this year despite working alongside megastars such as Bray Wyatt, Randy Orton, Batista and the New Age Outlaws.

  • 3MB (Drew McIntyre, Heath Slater, Jinder Mahal, Hornswoggle): If you're a betting fan, don't wager on these guys. The team is akin to modern-day Los Conquistadores. While McIntyre and Mahal have been "future-endeavored," bandleader Slater continues to fight for honor and respect against the likes of Adam Rose and Rusev. Perhaps Slater's new tag team with Titus O'Neil can put together the pieces and finally beat high-class rivals like Sin Cara and Zack Ryder.

  • Aksana: Another victim of the recent round of budget cuts, the Lithuanian temptress had a legendarily awful wrestling record. Since 2012, she has won only 11 of her 181 WWE matches. Perhaps she'll see more success if she chooses to return to her bodybuilding roots.

  • Xavier Woods: Both Xavier's singles feuds (with Rusev and Bo Dallas) and his tag career (teaming with R-Truth against RybAxel or the Wyatt Family) have not gone well. He's actually fared much better when he was away from the TV camera racking up a winning record (13-9) at WWE house shows.

  • Justin Gabriel: This talented Nexus alumni has mostly been working quietly on house show tours putting over Bo Dallas, Fandango, Rusev, Bad News Barrett and even upcoming NXT talent such as Tyler Breeze. Will reforming his tag team with Tyson Kidd be the spark needed to get Gabriel back in the mix for Raw or Smackdown?

  • Zack Ryder: A dedicated performer with a track record for being squashed in short two-minute matches on Raw, Ryder stunned many when he racked up a televised win against Fandango on the July 21 episode. Could this be a sign that a push may finally be in the works for the Long Island Superstar?


I extracted results for all 2014 WWE events from CageMatch.net.

A database was built by person by match and separated by match type (singles, tag, handicap, rumble) and broadcast (TV/PPV or not aired). Only the winners of battle royal/Royal Rumble competitions were included. Full table of all results is available on my wrestling statistics website (indeedwrestling.com).

Wins include those via disqualification and count-out. Draws include no contests, double count-outs, double disqualifications and time limit draws. Information was updated through Aug. 5.

Any surprises that stand out to you? Sound off in the comments below!

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