Twitter Reacts to Jon Jones vs. Daniel Cormier Brawl at UFC 178 Pre-Fight Press

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Twitter Reacts to Jon Jones vs. Daniel Cormier Brawl at UFC 178 Pre-Fight Press
Aaron Sweet/Getty Images

Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier gave fans a special treatand the UFC promotional brass a massive headachewhen they came to blows while doing a media staredown.

Jones got in Cormier's face. Cormier shoved Jones back. Jones threw a punch. UFC public relations bigwig Dave Sholler got knocked through the back of the set. The two light heavyweights fell back into the potted plants behind the UFC banner.

All right in front of the assembled MMA media!

Naturally, Twitter blew up with the news, with reactions and details breaking. It all started with an ominous tweet by Bleacher Report's own Jeremy Botter:

From there, other members of the media began confirming the news:

Then came the pictures. Again, all this took place in front of the assembled MMA media, so photos are aplenty. Here are the highlights of the before, during and after:

 Then came the video footage:

Then, of course, came the reactions. Overnight star Conor McGregor ended up being a major star in all this:

Jones and Cormier weren't done after the brawl, though. They kept the fight going on Twitter not long after:

When MMA Junkie put out a lengthy video of the brawl, the dangerous side of impromptu fights came to light:

Of course, any discussion of something related to a pay-per-view bout will inevitably end up circling back to how it will impact the buyrates. Naturally, most fans and media members became even more bullish on how the event will perform:

And naturally, the next step involves what will come from the Nevada State Athletic Commission regarding the brawl:

Finally, fans and media alike can find a new hero in Sholler, who was brave enough to try to get between Jones and Cormier:

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