What's Next for The Dallas Mavericks?

ani uContributor IJuly 9, 2009

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Dallas Mavericks management promised fans a splash this summer, and they have delivered thus far. Bringing in Shawn Marion, most likely getting Marcin Gortat, and finally letting go of Devean George, Antoine Wright, and Jerry Stackhouse.

But are the Mavericks finished?

Rick Carlisle was on The Ticket and said, "Stay Tuned," so you know Dallas still has something up its sleeve.

We still have Erik Dampier's expiring contract, and plus we just added Greg Buckner's non-guaranteed contract. Both players will most likely be used if Dallas is planning on making another trade this summer.

Another player who might get traded is Brandon Bass. He knows he's not getting the full mid-level exemption from a team, but a sign and trade would increase his salary. But with his BYC, it would be really difficult to make a trade with another team that would be willing to sign Bass for that much.

Fans have talked about Rip Hamilton, Michael Redd, or even Jason Richardson. But does Dallas really need to make another major acquisition to propel its team to the top two teams in the west, if they haven't already?

Just adding another legit scorer to release pressure from Dirk Nowitzki, Jason Terry, and Josh Howard would be good enough.

Like Carlisle said, "Stay tuned," so let's see what other tricks Dallas is going to pull.