Kyle Busch Sounds Off about Daytona

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Kyle Busch Sounds Off about Daytona
(Photo by Geoff Burke/Getty Images for NASCAR)

Well, well, well.  It looks like Kyle Busch has opened his mouth again.  Oh, wait.  It never closes, my apologies. has a video of him sounding off about the last lap wreck in the Coke Zero 400.

If you haven't watched it, you should.  It seems like, in his mind, that NASCAR and all the fans are out to get him.  Seriously Kyle, grow up and take it like a man, my personal opinion.  Admit that you are at fault for once.

He claims he was "dumped" by Tony Stewart.  I personally disagree.  If you watch the video of the final laps, you can see that he was moved once by Stewart coming to the tri-oval.  He then tried to block and failed to realize that the nose of Tony Stewart was already there.  Tony Stewart held his line after shrugging off the contact and Kyle drove over his nose and flat out wrecked himself. 

Does Kyle think that Stewart, or any other driver for that matter, is going to lay off the throttle on the last lap at Daytona coming to the checkers?  I don't think so.

You can even hear it from the announcers.  They said he had it coming.  The first block was okay, but the second one, no.  He should have held his line and it probably would have set up another photo finish at Daytona.  Instead Kyle didn't want that, and that whole "checker or wrecker" philosophy came into play. 

I, personally, am a Kasey Kahne fan.  I didn't watch the whole race, but I watched the final laps on  Kasey, from what I saw, lost about four or five spots trying to avoid the wreck, which he didn't unfortunately.  As a result, he lost about 12-15 points.

Was this a result of hard racing for the checkers?  Was it the result of restrictor-plate racing?  Or was this the result of an ill-conceived move on Kyle Busch's part to try and win the race?  That is the ultimate debate in this?

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