Could Hulk Hogan Give TNA A Boost?

adam smereckiCorrespondent IJuly 9, 2009

NEW YORK - JANUARY 07:  (U.S. TABS OUT)  TV personality Hulk Hogan appears onstage during MTV's Total Request Live at the MTV Times Square Studios January 7, 2008 in New York City.  (Photo by Scott Gries/Getty Images)

As reported on, Hulk Hogan recently did an interview with the Southtown Star. 

Hulk seems to think if TNA signs him, it will give the company the boost they need to compete with the WWE.

The following are a few quotes from the article:

"I watch both products. (TNA's) like the little engine that could. Everybody thought they wouldn't be around for long, and they've been chugging along for seven years. They gain momentum every week. They seem to be real fresh. When a lot of guys go over to that side of the fence, they seem to get a spring in their step," Hogan said. He added that he also watched the WWE product saying, "Vince is the constant. He's the standard of excellence. I just love watching his show because you never know what he is going to do. Plus, the production, you can't even touch his production. It's so dialed-in. It's amazing just to see how they put the pieces together."

"If you look at history, everyone says, 'History repeats itself.' With all of the choices in the universe of entertainment, I look at the big package and look at the big picture  from 40,000 feet. I see history repeating itself. I see TNA getting strong. I see Vince McMahon being impeccable except for a few little holes in the boat."

Hogan continued, "TNA is lacking that one momentum-shifting move, that one big name that would even the playing field, the brand (that is) just as powerful as the WWE brand. (TNA's) lacking the big piece of the puzzle. It wouldn't matter who did what in the past. It will be a totally even playing field. You never know."

Reading between the lines it seems as if Hulk is reffering to the Monday Night Wars and in particular what WCW did to compete (namely signing Hogan). I agree that WCW signing Hogan (at the time) was a brilliant move but this time around it would not work for TNA.

Hogan as always would demand a giant contract and TNA really should be focusing on talent that will actually be in the ring. Hogan is forgetting that TNA has signed some major names, and their ratings increased but, not at the WWE level.

TNA has too many figure heads anyway. Jim Cornette and Mick Foley both were signed to be General Manager figures and look where Mick Foley is now. On top of that, we haven't seen Jim Cornette in weeks!

TNA recently signed TAZ and Bobby Lashley. Bobby Lashley appeared on TV for a few seconds and no ratings spike at all. We have yet to see TAZ on TV but I am sure the ratings will remain the same after time. TAZ also will not be in the ring so this just adds the total number of manager roles. Even if TAZ is moved to the announcer table, there is still a need for talent in the ring.

Hogan's day has passed. He would have helped TNA years ago when Jeff Jarrett came to him with a contract. We caught a glimpse of Hogan getting smashed in Japan by a Double J guitar swing and it ended there.

Today TNA needs differant help. I am not denying Hogan's drawing power but, Hogan does not have the staying power to have a lasting effect. Just making a few impact appearances and maybe a pay per view won't do the trick. TNA needs production help. TNA needs creative help. TNA does not need Hulk Hogan.