The Philadelphia Expiriment; Open Forum

gabriel trevinoCorrespondent IJuly 9, 2009

NEW YORK - JUNE 11: Jimmy Rollins #11 of the Philadelphia Phillies on deck to bat against the New York Mets on June 11, 2009 at Citi Field in the Flushing neighborhood of the Queens borough of New York City. (Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images)

Okay BleacherReport baseball world, I'm trying something new here.

Instead of simply giving you my opinions on the latest and greatest Phillies news, I am imploring all of you to give me your opinions.  I will assign each topic a numeric value, and the idea here is that when you comment, you simply lead your statement with the topic number.

The example will be the first comment on this article.

Topic #1 - Roy Halladay.  Need I say anymore?  This guy is obviously a stud ace for the Blue Jays.  If the Phillies can make a move for him, they will have two bonafide aces.  That is quite the 1-2 punch there, lefty Cole Hamels and shutdown righty Halladay.  How does one even classify that?  1-2? 1-1? 1-1A? 

What I want to hear from you is; what are you willing to part with to obtain Doc?

Topic #2 - Rauuuullll!!!  Listen, we all know the Phillies would be a .500 or sub-.500 team if not for the offensive exploits of the offseason steal that is Raul Ibanez.  Sr. Ibanez has been on the shelf for a few weeks with a groin injury. 

Upon Raul's return, do you think he will continue his torrid offensive explosion?  Or will he regress to his career mean?

Topic # 3 - Bench Bats.  Let me rattle off a few names the Phightin' currently have or have spent time wasting space in the dugout.  Eric Bruntlett.  Paul Bako.  Chris Coste.  Miguel Cairo.  My Lord that looks like the starting lineup for some AA squad somewhere...

Greg Dobbs has been heating up (as I knew he would with more AB's), and John Mayberry Jr. shows promise - but still needs regular playing time in AAA. 

The question here is, can the Phils get by with what they have or do they need to go find more bench help?  Specifically a right handed bat (as evidenced by Tuesday night's loss to the Reds).

Topic # 4 - Lights half-on Lidge.  Nobody expected Brad Lidge to repeat his 2008 campaign.  Also, nobody expected a Brad Lidge meltdown either.  It can be argued that reality is somewhere in between - I want to know what you think. 

Should Ryan 'Mad Dog' Madson be inserted into the closing role?  Would Lidgey succeed in the 8th inning?  Where does J.C. Romero fit into all of this?  I guess this topic could be named 'Bullpen' as much as it is Lidge, but the only reason the pen is an issue is because L.O.L. (lights out Lidge) is simply not getting the job done.

Topic # 5 - All-Star Gripes.  Nobodyis doubting Utley or Ibanez here, but a lot of heat has come down on Charlie Manuel for bringing Ryan Howard along to St. Louis this year.  Do you think Howard is deserving of an All-Star spot?  With Howard, the NL is toting four first basemen to the mid-summer classic.

In a more recent development, Shane Victorino was one of five finalists for the last spot on the All-Star team.  His biggest competition comes from Pablo Sandoval (it is now 4:33 on Thursday and the final vote hasn't been tabulated yet - voting ended at 4). 

Does the Flyin' Hawaiin deserve to be an All-Star?  You tell me...

And now I will end this expiriment with a mid-90's quote: "Talk amongst yourselves!  Discuss!  I'm feeling fechlempt".

Thank you for your participation - Gabriel Trevino