The New York Yankees Make Dumb Moves...Again

Jackson RiffeContributor IJuly 9, 2009

NEW YORK - MAY 21:  Mariano Rivera #42 of the New York Yankees celebrates with catcher Francisco Cervelli #29 after defeating the Baltimore Orioles on May 21, 2009 at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx borough of New York City.  (Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images)

Dumb Move No. 1

There is something going on during this years base ball season with the Yankees that I have not seen since 1996. New blood. Kids from the farms coming up strong. My favorite of these is Francisco Cervelli.

The kid has a bat and in my humble opinion creates rallies...(more than a few now)...and calls a better game than Posada.The best outings of Chamberlain and Burnett and CC were with him. He can also run. Posada can't. Molina is worse. Molina can't run or hit.

So the Yankees today demoted Cervelli to the minors for an old slow guy who can't hit for his life most of the time. Molina is not clutch. And remember, if he hits, he can't run.

Maybe Girardi and Cashman, who love their kids, have lost their minds.

Possibly like when I wrote months ago that Aceves was in the minors for no reason, and that Veras and Ramierez had to go...but they stayed for too long afterwards, clutching at the straws of their mistakes and watching them slip through their fingers again and again. That was not clear thinking on their part.

I will say this one now- Matsui is almost done. He can hit but for how long?

This should be godzillas last season as a Yankee, because he is not a true DH with constant home run power. His knees are time bombs. Any side to side twisting motions and he could be done for a month.

His contract is up at this years ending. Posada is getting old as well and will decline soon. Posada should be next years DH and Cervelli the full time catcher. Posada has one or two years left I a DH, backup Catcher.


Dumb Move No. 2

Cody WHO? Ransom. That's who. He has been booting balls all season. He is clumsy moving the ball. He is not as  bad as Castillo from the Mets, but he is bad. Castillo hits better. And so does Ramiero Pena...Jeter's eventual replacement at shortstop.

He can hit run and has better range at short than the aging Captain. Pena is quick and agile. He does fine at third. The Yankees dont have the leisure of bring up dudes like Ransom, the Red Sawx are one game up and keep winning. The Yanks need to keep the pressure on them. Give them no wiggle room...

Ransom is not the future. Pena, Cervelli, Gardner. They are the future faces of the Yankees. They are consistent. The Yanks just got Eric Hinske for crying out loud..who plays third base and hits...Ransom is useless. Unless they are looking to sell him.

If Cashman has any sense he will sell Kennedy, Ransom, Claggett, Molina and get someone who is a solid No. 3 starter. None of them are the future of the Yankees. They need Aceves in the pen and also need a Chien Ming Wrong replacement.

This is the only question Cashman needs to ask himself when he looks at a player...Is this the future of the Yankees?  They either fit or they do not. Hopefully he is shopping them around so he can unload them.