Brady's Back and Headed For The Super Bowl

Nick TannerContributor IJuly 8, 2009

Tom Brady quarterback of the New England Patriots and face of the NFL over the last 5 years will be back from injury to start the 2009 NFL football season.  Will Brady be ready to return to his old form of 2007?  When he passed for 50 touchdowns in just 16 football games.  Before his injury in week 1 of the 2008 football season Tom Brady was highly regarded as the NFL's best performer at the quarterback position.  In fantasy football leagues all over the country, Tom Brady was routinely selected number one overall.  Teams around the AFC hated to see the New England Patriots on their schedule of up coming games, and defenses haven't been able to stop Brady and the Patriots for sometime now. 

Many have forgotten Tom Brady was seriously hurt in 2008, going down with a knee injury in week one, and having reported at least three surgeries on that repaired knee during the off season.  This injury was Tom Brady's first major injury and surgery,  Playing 9 years of NFL football all with the Patriots and 7 full years as a starter, Tom Brady has never received such an injury.  In fact Tom Brady started every single game from the 2002 season to the 2007 season.  Patriot fans hope this injury and time off the field wont hurt their chances of wining the AFC east division in 2009.  Patriot fans and the NFL alike, should hope this injury doesn't ruin Tom Brady's career.  Tom Brady had a break out year in 2007 passing for over 4,800 yards and accumulating 50 touchdown passes all after all ready wining three Super bowls.  However in six years prior to the 2007 season the most touchdown passes thrown by Tom Brady in a 16 game regular season was 28 in 2002 and 2004.  In 4 of those 6 years prior to the 2007 season Tom Brady had more sacks taken than touchdown passes thrown.  Brady's regular season stats are commonly overlooked because of his 3 Superbowl rings.

The Patriots are a new team this year drafting over 12 new players and releasing 13 players 5 of which started for the team in 2008.  The AFC East got a bit tougher during Tom Brady's absences from the NFL as well.  The Dolphins won the Division last year and the Bills got better through free agency acquisitions.  Tom Brady might have set the bar a tad to high in 2007 with those 50 touchdowns, now the Patriots fans expect only the best from Brady.  If he doesn't perform at a high level and has a regular season in 2009 of 26 or 28 touchdowns it might not be enough to advance the Patriots to the playoffs were they and Brady feel so comfortable.  The NFL hopes Brady makes a strong come back as well in 2009, sense his off the field demeanor and on the field play act as a model to all on how a professional football player should carry himself.  I hope the best for Tom Brady this year.  For if he doesn't come back at a high level the pressure will be on.