How HBK Should Return

Dezmond ThomasContributor IJuly 8, 2009

I am a huge fan of the Heart Break Kid Shawn Michaels. And I'm upset and curious about the fact that micheals hasn't held any kind of title since early 2007. Which was when he was one half of the world tag team championship with john cena. And he hasn't held a major championship since he won the first ever elimination chamber back in 2002. Now I know he may be trying to step away from the lime light but he's Mr. Wrestlemania the showstopper,the headliner, the main event, the icon the Heart Break Kid Shawn Michaels and he thrives in the Limelight. So this is what should happen when he returns.

Day 1

He comes back at some big pay per view. It's John Cena vs Randy Orton for the WWE title and this is Cena last chance for the title. At the end of the match Michaels comes from the crowd and hits Orton with some sweet chin music, causing a disqualification with Orton keeping the title

Day 2

Michaels returns to raw. Comes down to the ring and tells the world why he cost Cena the title. " Its nothing personal Cena I just had to get back into the title hunt and there was only one way to do that and that was to kick the wwe champions teeth down his throat. I know I've been out of the title picture for a while now but I think I got what it takes to carry this championship one more time". Crowd chants "you still got it." Randy Orton comes out with legacy. "All of you are liars, he does not still have it. In fact he never did. Before you can even think about stepping in the ring with the legend killer. You'll have to go through Legacy in a hadicap match tonight.

Later that same night,

Shawn is interviewed by Josh Matthews. "How do you respond to Randy Orton stating that you never had it." Micheals responds by simply saying " I guess we'll see tonight."

Shawn Michaels wins the match in HBK fashion. Randy hits RKO on Michaels.

Next week on Raw.

Triple H finds Michaels and tells him "I know what orton is capable of and I'm suprised that you only suffered from a RKO last week. He's warning you. But if he tries any thing this week I got your back.

Michaels: Thanks

Later that night,

It's announced that tonight their will be two singles matches Triple H vs Cody Rhodes and HBK vs Ted Dibiase

During the matches Randy comes out to watch both members of Legacy lose to Triple H and Shawn Michaels.

At the end of the match Vince makes an apperance and delivers big news." Next week you all will see the Legacy take on D-Generation X.

Crowd goes wild Legacy mad, Michaels and Triple H looks at each other and smiles.

Next week on Raw,

DX comes out to their music and they to their SUCK IT! routine

Match ends in a no contest when both teams start to brawl into the crowd, backstage and into the parking lot with Legacy getting an advantage due to the one man advantage. Until a car pulls up and Batista steps out. Legacy runs off.

Next week on Raw,

Michaels, HHH, and Batista sits backstage and stratagies how to take out Legacy.

Michaels: We have to be smart about this. Each one of us will pick one member of legacy we want and I call Orton.

HHH: I'll take Rhodes

Batista: And I'll take Diabiase 

Vince makes it happen. "At Extreme Rules Batista will take on Ted Diabiase in a last man standing match. Triple H will take on Cody Rhodes in a steel cage match. And for the wwe championship Shawn Micheals will take on Shawn Michaels in a Ladder Match.

Later that night,

Randy Orton: This is not fair. We are at a disadvantage Cody you have take on triple H in a cage match. And we all know from personal experience what happens when Hunter gets around cage's. Ted your going one on one with the Animal Batista. We nearly tore his arm completely off he's going to want to kill you. And then worst of all I have to take on Shawn Michaels in a ladder match. The match that he invented. It just isn't fair. 

Cody: Calm down

Ted: Yeah Randy this isn't the first time it looked like we were down and out, but as long as we think about this and come up with a plan we'll come out on top just like we always do.

Vince comes back out. " After hearing what these six men are saying I can tell that they can't wait until Extreme Rules and there going to try and take each other out tonight. So I decided to have security exscort them out of the building because I don't want anything to happen to them before Extreme Rules this sunday.

Extreme Rules,

Triple H and Batista both massacre their oppenents and meet backstage to watch Michaels and Orton Ladder Match.

HBK and Orton has beaten the hell out of each other the whole match. With michaels getting the upper hand. And climbing up for the title. Until Rhodes and Diabiase show their true dediciation to Randy Orton. Limping down to the ring to knock Michaels off of the ladder. But, Batista and HHH are right behind them to level the playing field. Now It's back to Orton and HBK one on one Orton tries to deliver the RKO but Michaels is able to push him off then Orton turns right back into SWEET CHIN MUSIC! Michaels climbs the ladder and becomes the new WWE CHAMPION!