Miami Dolphins Should Take a Look at Montrell Jones from Fourth and Long

Luis GonzalezCorrespondent IJuly 8, 2009

LEXINGTON, KY - SEPTEMBER 4:  Wide receiver Montrell Jones #86 of the University of Louisville Cardinals is tackled by cornerback Bo Smith #24 of the University of Kentucky Wildcats on September 4, 2005 at Commonwealth Stadium in Lexington, Kentucky.  The Cardinals won 31-24.  (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)


I can't believe that Montrell Jones got cut on Fourth and Long!

This is the guy I felt had the most promise out of anyone on the show.

He has the size, the heart, and the speed needed to be a contributor to any NFL team. I know for a fact that he could be a practice squadder at worst.

From seeing him on the show, I know there has to be a Canadian team that, as long as they have basic cable, saw a receiver that can instantly be one of the top two receivers on their roster.

My hat is off to Michael Irvin for creating such a great show. Legal clamoring aside, this show is separating the men from the boys and giving one of us, a common man, a shot at the dream to be a NFL player.

This is one I've longed for my whole life, and it's nice to see Michael Irvin give someone like myself like a three percent shot to make the Cowboys. I'll say it is better than no shot, and it still beats watching the Jets.

That being said, I believe the final six players on the show, and very arguably Preston McGann, deserve a shot to practice squad or be a special teams contributor.

The things they are being put through are ridiculously hard, and these men are still standing at the end.

I have a small issue with over exhaustion and injuries costing players their shot, but I know I would risk my life for a chance at putting on the pads at any professional level, and especially in the NFL.

This brings me to my original point, Montrell Jones. With all that this man has been through and what he showed on the show, I think the choice is clear for any team in the league to take a small risk on this guy.

If it doesn't work out, you could always cut him later on. If he makes the team, it could bring extra publicity to the team and the fans.

Overall, the main goal is to find the best players to field a team, and Montrell Jones reminds me of the 2009 version of an ex-Dolphin Receiver by the name of Orande Gadsden. Were it not for a pathetic player named Jay Fiedler, Orande might have had a longer career. 

A healthy Montrell catching passes from Chad Pennington or Pat White could lead to a younger version of Terrell Owens.

Montrell could help a receiving core that already is showing signs of getting back to the Marks brothers days. He has the potential to be a great three, alongside a pretty good combo of Devone Bess, and Ted Ginn.

Having Patrick Turner with his skill set standing at 6'5", and say a Montrell who is 6'4" with comparable speed could bring size and speed to an already versatile offense.

So if anyone has any sense, I am looking at you Miami Dolphins, you will let Montrell Jones get a shot on your team and not the Cowboys, who may have over exhausted and injured the next TO type receiver.

Good Luck Montrell, I hope you'll be a Miami Dolphin soon!