Kevin Ferguson a.k.a. "Kimbo Slice": Good or Bad for MMA?

travis atkinsonCorrespondent IMay 5, 2008

Kevin Ferguson (38) a.k.a. Kimbo Slice stands 6-foot-2 tall, tips the scale at 240, and hails from Miami, Florida.  He is best known for his internet street fights and is currently slated to fight James "The Collosus" Thompson on May 31. 

This will be the first event held on a major US television network, but my question is why is Kevin in the main event and not the middleweight title bout between Robbie Lawler and Scott Smith.

Kevin made his pro debut against Ray Mercer at Cage Fury Fighting Championships five on June 23, 2007. Kevin won this fight by guillotine choke at 1:12 of round No. 1. 

Ray Mercer was a professional boxer.  Being a former WBO world heavyweight champion and United States Amateur Heavyweight champ, he clearly did not want the fight to go to the ground.

Kevin caught Ray in a guillotine choke, which is one of the most basic moves in MMA.  Ray could not get out, which shows how inexperienced he was in MMA.

Kevin then co-headlined EliteXC Renegade, taking on (10-11) Bo Cantrell.  The fight lasted 19 seconds in which Kevin landed one punch to the head of Bo causing Bo to dive to the mat only to tap out.

So what does that prove?  He beat a guy who has a .500 record, and I don't think Bo even wanted to fight Kevin.

Then he takes on David "Tank" Abbott whose record is 9-14. Tank has won only one fight in 10 years. So how does that add any prestige to the name Kimbo Slice?

In my opinion, Kevin is nothing but a backyard brawler, and he will always be a backyard brawler.

I've had people tell me that Bas Rutten said that Ferguson is learning quickly on the ground, and Kevin will never want to go to the ground. They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks.

Now he is the person to grace the cover of ESPN magazine. How can you justify that? Why not put a Randy Couture, a Georges St Pierre, a Anderson Silva, or even a Jeremy Horn on the cover?  At least, someone who has earned a magazine cover.

Kevin won two MMA fights.  People are already saying that if he went to the UFC, he'd be champ.  He'd get his ass kicked by the D-class fighters in the UFC.

Now with the upcoming EliteXC on CBS, Kevin gets the main event slot.  There is a title fight on the card and a fight with Phil Baroni vs. Joey Villasenor. That pisses me off.

I don't care if you agree or disagree with what I had to say.  I just felt the need to write this article.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.