Sick Of Buying Jerseys

Big JuiceContributor IJuly 8, 2009

As a hardcore sports fan I love to represent my favorite teams. I am one of those people that always has to have what the players are wearing. Draft day caps, sideline beanies and of course jerseys, I have them all. I always like to have at least a couple of jerseys of current players available to wear. Football jerseys are by far my favorite sports apparel.

With the 50th anniversary of the AFL coming this year, the original eight teams will be sporting a new look by wearing alternate throwback uniforms for two games each. As a Broncos fan I am very excited to get my new throwback jersey that is actually not orange.

The Denver Broncos will be wearing a style not been seen in nearly a half decade. With colors of brown, gold and white (with striped socks) it is a look only a true fan could love.

I have yet to purchase my newest addition to my fan wardrobe, as I have run into an all too common problem as of late.

Whose jersey do I buy?

I know that I can get a personalized jersey, but I am also a big fan of players as well. Do I get Dawkins, Marshall or Bailey? I guess the question I really should be asking is, "Who is going to stay for a few years?" so that I can wear the thing for more than a year or two.

I had an Elway jersey for years that even had holes in it from being worn so much. After he retired, it seems that every time I buy a new jersey the team seems to let that player go or they have a career ending injury.

Clinton Portis, Al Wilson, Jake Plummer, John Lynch, Javon Walker, Trevor Pryce and of course Jay Cutler just to name a few. I recently even purchased a Cutler jersey for my wife and daughter this Christmas.

During that same Christmas I purchased Marshall jerseys for my two sons and we all know what might happen with that. The lone Broncos' jersey I have purchased in the last decade that has stayed has been Champ Bailey.

Being a big fan, there is nothing like slipping on that brand new jersey of your favorite player. With no guarantees on tenure, it is getting increasingly more difficult to pick out jerseys. In today's NFL the players are moving from team to team like baseball players. That added with the economy I may soon become a white t-shirt-wearing fan, because I am sick of buying jerseys!